Wake Wood


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 87%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 7061


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Aidan Gillen as Patrick
Timothy Spall as Arthur
Eva Birthistle as Louise
Brian Gleeson as Martin O'Shea
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by beorhhouse 8 / 10

Fresh Take On Witchcraft

A townland in Ireland. Witches lives there for generations. A new married couple comes to town. Their daughter has died in a tragic accident. Shades of 'The Monkey's Paw.' A rebirth ceremony like you have never seen in a film before, and hopefully never will again. Timothy Spall, of course, could make a film about planting peanuts worth the while spent. Here he makes Lord Summerisle seem cartoonish and inept. Witchcraft is serious rebellion against love and all that is right and true. So if we are going to tell stories of witches, let's do what Brendan McCarthy has done here and make them human, with foibles and needs and reasons for their actions. There is a place for buffooning the witch, as in The Wicker Man (though buffoonery wasn't the intended purpose of the film, hilariously), but we must remember that when we rail against any evil, we rail against ourselves. I've come away from this experience with more love in my heart for the lost--being a former practicing witch myself, you see.

Reviewed by faerchylde 8 / 10

Refreshingly Original

The description is a poor description. I passed on this movie several times based on the "tease" description on Amazon.

Don't pass on it. Aiden Gillean is wonderful. The story line is one that is more original that most horror movies these days. It's delightfully tense, and squidgey in all the right places.

I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by stevehoyland 9 / 10

Different and creepy!

I loved this film. For me, anything based around the Supernatural has to have some believability - and this certainly does. A thirty-ish couple (He a Vet, She a Pharmacist) lose their daughter when a dog savages her to death. A year later, they move to an Isolated village. The woman accidentally witnesses a local tradition known as 'the return' - when a person dies, their remaining life-force can be used to bring back a dead person for 3 days, so long as the person to be brought back has been dead for less than a year. The couple decide to bring back their daughter - unfortunately, they tell what they think Is a white lie, the daughter has been dead for over 13 months but they tell the 'head villager'(Timothy Spall,In excellent form as usual)that she's been dead for less than 12 months......with terrifying results! What makes this film so special Is It's mix of the ancient and modern. Although 'the return' seems at first supernatural, there Is no god or devil or any religious aspect to It at all - Indeed, the fact that a 'corporeal relic' of the one being brought back needs to be used - hair, bone, finger-nails, etc - shows that DNA Is involved here - the strength remaining In the cadaver and It's organs and flesh are transferred to the one being 'awakened'. After 3 days - when the loved-ones of the one brought back have been able to say goodbye properly and come to terms with their loss - the power fades, and It's "back to the trees, lie amongst the roots...". The chant spoken by Tim Spalls character as the 'resurrection' begins Is pretty eerie and makes the whole thing more believable. And that's the point here - for a fantasy\horror to be enjoyable, It must, at least to a certain extent, be believable, and the Wake wood ritual Is the most believable fantasy I've ever come across on film. I loved the whole thing, the subtle blend of the old and the modern and of ancient mystery and Science, not to mention the final and totally unexpected scene..........!!! Why this masterpiece has such a low rating Is beyond me - perhaps most voters are of the younger element and found this to be a little slow for them, or maybe our American friends aren't happy as there are no cars exploding as they fly off cliffs! In any event, It has class, I loved It and I hope you do, too!

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