Voodoo Possession


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 8%
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Danny Trejo as Billy Kross
Sloane Morgan Siegel as Young Aiden
Treva Etienne as Jean Drouillard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nigel P 2 / 10

Spoilers follow ...

One thing worse than being a patient in an understaffed, dilapidated mental hospital in Haiti is to be visited by a group of quick-talking, squabbling young hacks determined to uncover the institution's secrets whilst dishonoring local beliefs, moaning about the lack of a Starbucks, and shoving their cameras into patients' faces.

Hunky main man Aiden (Ryan Caltagirone) has also come here to search for his brother, and is alarmed to find the place possessed by some demonic force. Hence the film's title. Splendid-faced Danny Trejo, who is perhaps best known for his appearances in three 'From Dusk Till Dawn' films (as well as a plethora of others) appears briefly as Billy Cross. Other characters are sadly so flat that they barely register.

We have to trust that the asylum is in Haiti, as everything occurs indoors and the simple sets betray the low budget on offer. "I'm having trouble processing all this crazy s***," fey Duane Dubois (Abe Spigner) remonstrates at one stage, which gives you some idea of the level of erudition on display here – but he has a point. The story, other than an asylum possessed, is a jumble and so flat are the scares (although the climactic effects occasionally ascend to the impressive) that the effort required to work out what exactly is going on doesn't seem worth it. Even the music score (usually a dependable way of enhancing mood) is underwhelming, all but disappearing at moments of tension.

Ultimately, this emerges as yet another badly made unengaging horror attempt with screaming passing off as emoting (with Caltagirone the main culprit): daytime soap opera drama interspersed with wailings of demonic forces. The 'touching' ending featuring ('SPOILER') the two reunited brothers sobbing and telling each other how much they love each other is particularly nauseating. Why would a supposed powerful spirit spend so much time concerning itself with this bunch of shallow show-offs is anyone's guess.

Reviewed by med77_99 2 / 10

Amateur awful low budget film.. Avoidable

Well if you are looking for a cool Horror film, then look else where, as Voodoo Possession adds nothing new to the genre, and is not any way a scary or thrilling movie. First of, i hate how these movies try to make attractive posters that has nothing to do with the film, the poster you see here on IMDb is quite misleading and looks cool, which is not the case with movie itself. Also using big names to market a film is a cheap thing to do, here they managed to pull Danny Trejo to appear in brief scenes, which add nothing to the movie as a whole.

The Plot : it follows a young guy WHO travels to Hiati to investigate the disappearance of his Doc brother who was trying to use Voodoo to help heal mental illness, the older brother is helped by his girlfriend who is a journalist and gathers up a crew to accompany the older brother to help find out what happened to his younger Doc brother, once arriving in Hiati and into the mental hospital, creepy things start happening and the movie starts to dig in deep into Psychology and family dynamics which was more of boring drama than Horror.

The worst thing about the film is the acting, most are complete amateurs, very poor acting that one can tell that these are actors. Even Trejo seemed out of it. Some actors actually show their excitements in being in a movie, total lack of professionalism.

The other parts of the movie making was all amateur work, poor direction and camera work, awful soundtrack and score, poor audio editing. The movie screams low budget. And i don't have anything against low budget films, i had my share of watching some and they still managed to offer something good, but this one is truly awful.

I can understand the effort and the desire to make this movie from the people behind, but they lack big time in producing something that looks cool and professional. If id make movie like this, i wouldn't want people to pay to watch it, maybe just post it for free on the internet. In short, total amateur work here, low budget film that lacks in all areas with cheap marketing strategies, not scary at all, avoid it.

Reviewed by kosmasp 3 / 10

Don't watch unless possessed

Actually maybe just don't watch at all. Even if possessed. I have seen worse movies than this, but that doesn't make this any better or worth while. Even an expanded role for Danny Trejo does not help the movie at all. He's is seen in bits that "explain" the why ... sort of. Not that it matters or you'd care.

The acting isn't really good, though the characters do not really have that much flesh to them to make them rich. The effects are OK though, especially considering the small budget the movie probably has. If you have a heart for that, you might be inclined to like this a bit more. Otherwise as stated: watch something else instead

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