Von Ryan's Express


Action / Adventure / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 11171


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James Brolin as Private Ames
Frank Sinatra as Col. Joseph L. Ryan
James Sikking as American Soldier
Ian Abercrombie as English POW
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 7 / 10

I know this is a good war movie because...

...because I usually don't like war movies. Maybe one in twenty...and I saw lots of them because when my dad would come home on leave from the Air Force, if there was a World War II film at the theater, he would always drag me to see it. I also am sure this is a good film because I could take Frank Sinatra or leave Frank Sinatra...it just depended on the particular film (or for that matter, record). Sinatra could certainly tug at your heartstrings...occasionally...perhaps the best examples being "A Hole In The Head" and "The Joker Is Wild". He didn't pull at your heart strings in "Von Ryan's Express" (except for the very last couple of minutes), but he did turn in a very good performance here. Some have mentioned that he was too old for the part. Well, technically I suppose that is true, but if you're worrying about that, then you're too damn picky. Who was too old for the part was Trevor Howard. Actually, Howard and Sinatra were close to the same age, but Sinatra looks pretty good here, while Howard looks all washed out (of course, you could make the case that war will do that to you).

The other actors here do nicely, too.

As to the plot, implausible? Sure, like most movies out there. I didn't find myself suspending belief here any more than I have to for most films. I particularly liked seeing Edward Mulhare; a very good but largely forgotten supporting actor. You'll see other faces you recognize, as well, but probably not whose names you remember.

Location shooting for this film helped a lot, although some of the locations were no in Italy, but instead in Spain.

If you like Sinatra and war films even a little, I think you'll like this film. I recommend it. I give it a very strong "7".

HOWEVER, if you are updating your DVD collection with Blu Ray discs...don't bother. The Blu Ray disc I bought of this was somewhat grainy in many spots. It won't prevent you from enjoying the film, but it is noticeable and occasionally distracting.

Reviewed by DeadMan66 9 / 10

Good Show Colonel

The movie is of prison of war and all about their escape. I thought movie would be boring but I was wrong. Splendid movie made me cry at last part. There is nothing to criticize in this movie. All the characters did their part very well. A bit of suspense you can find. And the movie is not predictable. You'll never loose your interest while watching it. I'll add this movie in my list.

Reviewed by TurboarrowIII 7 / 10

Great escapist fun

I thought this film was great escapist fun.

It may not be very believable but it is full of action and suspense.

Sinatra is great as Ryan. After being shot down he ends up in an Italian POW camp. He isn't too impressed with Trevor Howard and his men and thinks they should sit out what is left of the war rather than try to escape. He has only just arrived at the camp so doesn't fully appreciate how bad things are especially as the commandant of the camp played by Adolfo Celi is "a two bit Mussolini" according to Brad Dexter's character.

When Italy surrenders the prisoners attempt to get back to Allied lines. However, they end up getting captured by the Germans and are put on a train. Incredibly they manage to take over the train and hatch a plan to reach Switzerland after several attempts to abandon the train are thwarted. I really like the bit where the padre played by Edward Mulhare impersonates a Nazi officer and manages to get them through checks twice.

The ending is great too as the train is attacked by German fighters and then troops on a chasing train. They manage to replace damaged track and carry on to Switzerland. The twist at the end is when Ryan is killed.

Overall a fast paced and action packed film.

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