Von Ryan's Express


Action / Adventure / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 11315


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James Brolin as Private Ames
Frank Sinatra as Col. Joseph L. Ryan
James Sikking as American Soldier
Ian Abercrombie as English POW
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by z_crito2001 9 / 10

Hey it works for me...

*** Warning ***: I make a few references to this film's plot in the comments below.

I think if I was living during 1943 and was involved in World War II then being with Frank, Trevor and the rest of the boys as portrayed in this film is where I'd want to be. Racing up Italy in a captured POW train, honorable American and British soldiers fighting pesky Nazis, and just trying to make it to beautiful Switzerland. Who could ask for more? You have adventure, killing in self-defense (well mostly), outsmarting the enemy, and a gorgeous young Italian woman on the train with you! Sure beats being a German soldier stuck in Stalingrad in 1942!

And let's face it, if you're looking for a WW II film with historical accuracy about specific WWII events or a "war is heck, here's why" kind of film then this is not the kind of film you're going to like.

But to me this film offers something many others don't by how it relates to everyday life and its struggles. So what am I saying, escaping from a German POW camp and fighting Nazis is a daily life struggle for anyone nowadays ?? No, of course not. But I like the way misfortune then opportunity seem to go hand in hand in this movie. A misfortune is turned into another opportunity simply by trying or moving forward. The following two lines best sum up this film: Captured German Major: "But still you have NO choice!" British Major: "And nothing to lose by trying to make one!"

Nothing is mapped out they way they want it and each misfortune has its cost in lives lost, but they push on. Each loss looks like it is rewarded with something positive... British physician (who up 'till now has been supportive of Colonel Ryan): "Roll, roll where?...Maybe this is the end of the line". Italian Captain (just running in): "Colonel Ryan, the conductor has a plan, he thinks he can get us all to Switzerland!" British Major: "Switzerland?...You're mad!" (The Italian major explains the conductor's plan) British Major: "You know it may just work" Colonel Ryan: "Let's move!"

Sometimes we are all fighting those "Nazis/demons" in our life and we are all just trying to escape to "Switzerland" and like the end of the film says: "I once told you Ryan, if only one gets out it's a victory".

I read in another review of this film where it was said Frank Sinatra looked like he was sleep walking through it -- well then way to go Frank! No award grabbing performance from "ol' blue eyes" here, just a man who acts and feels like he's just been in a POW camp (the Rat Pack must've just broken up or a gig in Vegas got canceled or something). I think this is one of Frank S.'s best movies, yes much better than that depressing "Manchurian Candidate" (1962).

And give this film credit for one thing: Here at least the Germans speak German and the Italians speak Italian. There's none of that English with a heavy German or Italian accent stuff here. And filming outside when possible with picturesque Italian and Switzerland scenery are an added bonus.

I know there are several other WWII films made during the 1960s that get mentioned a lot, but off-hand I think there are only two or three made during the '60s that offer or have any value: "The Train" (1965) and "Closely Observed Trains" (1966) are the only two I can think of (hmmm...that's odd, but all three involve trains).

If you liked "Von Ryan's Express" then please recommend other war films from any decade. I'm always on the look out for a good war film. And if you didn't care for this film, well then when you're through picking this one apart tell me of one you did like. Thanks.

Reviewed by vincentlynch-moonoi 7 / 10

I know this is a good war movie because...

...because I usually don't like war movies. Maybe one in twenty...and I saw lots of them because when my dad would come home on leave from the Air Force, if there was a World War II film at the theater, he would always drag me to see it. I also am sure this is a good film because I could take Frank Sinatra or leave Frank Sinatra...it just depended on the particular film (or for that matter, record). Sinatra could certainly tug at your heartstrings...occasionally...perhaps the best examples being "A Hole In The Head" and "The Joker Is Wild". He didn't pull at your heart strings in "Von Ryan's Express" (except for the very last couple of minutes), but he did turn in a very good performance here. Some have mentioned that he was too old for the part. Well, technically I suppose that is true, but if you're worrying about that, then you're too damn picky. Who was too old for the part was Trevor Howard. Actually, Howard and Sinatra were close to the same age, but Sinatra looks pretty good here, while Howard looks all washed out (of course, you could make the case that war will do that to you).

The other actors here do nicely, too.

As to the plot, implausible? Sure, like most movies out there. I didn't find myself suspending belief here any more than I have to for most films. I particularly liked seeing Edward Mulhare; a very good but largely forgotten supporting actor. You'll see other faces you recognize, as well, but probably not whose names you remember.

Location shooting for this film helped a lot, although some of the locations were no in Italy, but instead in Spain.

If you like Sinatra and war films even a little, I think you'll like this film. I recommend it. I give it a very strong "7".

HOWEVER, if you are updating your DVD collection with Blu Ray discs...don't bother. The Blu Ray disc I bought of this was somewhat grainy in many spots. It won't prevent you from enjoying the film, but it is noticeable and occasionally distracting.

Reviewed by DeadMan66 9 / 10

Good Show Colonel

The movie is of prison of war and all about their escape. I thought movie would be boring but I was wrong. Splendid movie made me cry at last part. There is nothing to criticize in this movie. All the characters did their part very well. A bit of suspense you can find. And the movie is not predictable. You'll never loose your interest while watching it. I'll add this movie in my list.

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