Visiting Hours


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 8%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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William Shatner as Gary Baylor
Michael Ironside as Colt Hawker
Lee Grant as Deborah Ballin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner55 2 / 10

Canadian-made slasher flick with a gritty look but tasteless violence...

Kinky, sweaty psychotic (who grew up in a dysfunctional home!) terrorizes a controversial TV journalist in her condo, later stalking her at the hospital where she's recuperating from her wounds. Lee Grant adds a modicum of class to this sleazy slasher, which is not only derivative and illogical but mean-spirited in the extreme. Thriller comes laden with subjective camera-tracking to heighten the suspense--even when the killer isn't around!--but it rarely works since the screenplay is so preposterous. Good supporting cast wasted, including Linda Purl as a sympathetic nurse and William Shatner (with a thick, glossy head of hair) as Grant's confidant. Shatner plays the kind of friend who tells Lee he'll stick by her through the night, but quickly takes off with the police once they get a lead. Not a big hit in 1982, the film has now become a cult item. *1/2 from ****

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 6 / 10

A persistent, incompetent n stupid serial killer.

Saw this in the mid 80s on a VHS. Revisited it recently on a DVD. Found the second viewing very boring n mild, especially in todays time. Lee Grant enrages misogynist serial killer Michael Ironside because of her strong views on women's rights. After narrowly escaping death, Lee finds herself stalked in her hospital by the killer. None of the performances are that well done n Michael Ironside has very little dialogue and just has to look insane, something he's fantastic at. Only two interesting aspects r ther in this boring n tame film. 1st, there's no attempt to hide who the killer is. Right from the start, we know the murderer's identity. 2nd, there is jus one tense scene in which Lee returns home to find Ironside bursting out wearing nothing but some of her jewellery and slashing at her. Afterwards the film became repetitive and slow and it was lacking enough bloodshed. The film lacked tension n suspense. Our killer is so relentless that he sneaks in n out the hospital so many times but at the same time he is a very incompetent one as he is not able to finish wht he started. I found the killer to be dumb too. What kinda serial killer brings home a girl, rapes n tortures her n then leaves her alive n that too when the whole area's police r on the lookout for him. What kinda killer leaves all his victim's photos easily accessible. By the way William Shatner was totally wasted.

Reviewed by stephenabell 8 / 10

Perfect '80's Slasher Flick.

I was surprised as I sat viewing this film to realise I had seen it before... Evidently, back in 1989, ITV had shown the uncut version of the movie. I find it amazing that I could remember the film so clearly after twenty-eight years.

Though I remembered the movie it never lessened the enjoyment of watching it again. Notwithstanding the passage of years, this film is still strong and relevant today.

Lee Grant plays Deborah Ballin a news reporter who is campaigning for better rights for abused women. While on her television show, Colt Hawker, played menacingly and darkly by Michael Ironside, watches with growing disdain for in his world women should know their place. He takes it upon himself to send Ballin a message by killing her. He fails dismally, leaving her wounded. Her death now becomes his mission. He starts to stalk the hospital where she's receiving medical attention and the bodies start to stack up - and not due to natural causes.

What the director, Jean-Claude Lord (Second Chances - reviewed on this blog & Secrets of the Summer House - to be reviewed), gives the audience is an above par slasher film, with a nice psychological thriller twist. It's superior to others in the genre as it gives a credible back story to the psychopathic killer, which in turn adds a chill because it shows he's not a monster, just a man.

Lord gives the audience a roller coaster ride as he speeds up the action and slows down for tension and suspense. The use of a more natural light is a bonus for the viewers when most of these films hide everything in the darkness of shadows, Lord shows you the menace at all times. This is a good thing as Ironside does a wonderful portrayal of Hawker, who is a chameleon... a man of many differing faces, though a madman under the skin.

I really liked the fact that Nurse Sheila Munroe, veritably portrayed by Linda Purl, doesn't let too much get to her. As a nurse, she's used to seeing death and dead people, though not murder victims. This is shown through her reactions, she doesn't scream uncontrollably, she is shocked but remains in control of herself. She is a good strong female character.

It's Ballin that loves to scream and flail about and this is the only downside to the movie. I know it's strange, I love slasher films but cannot abide screaming. What I cannot abide is unnecessary screaming. For the most part, when faced with something indescribably terrible most people will utter expletives rather than scream, come on directors lets keep it real.

If you like slasher psychopaths on a rampage then this is a movie for your delectation.

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