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Isla Fisher as Eveleigh
Jim Parsons as Dr. Mathison
Anson Mount as David
Eva Longoria as Eileen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by geekgirl101 2 / 10

Don't watch this late at night

Everyone is so quiet and soft-spoken throughout the movie, but whenever there's a jump-scare (and there's lots of them) they are so loud they make you jump out of your seat. I couldn't watch this in the end without deafening myself and waking the neighbours because I had to turn the volume up high to hear the cast speaking and then the speakers would get blasted out by bangs and screams. I like jump scares but this was just annoying.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

lesser Blumhouse

Eveleigh (Isla Fisher) and David Maddox (Anson Mount) get into a car wreck which killed a child in the other car. After Eveleigh's recovery, they move to a small town to reopen a vineyard. She's newly pregnant and befriends fellow pregnant Sadie (Gillian Jacobs). Eveleigh has visions and investigates suspicious local happenings.

Blumhouse is killing it producing small lower-budget horrors and once in awhile, hits one over the fence. This is not one of those home runs. This is Rosemary's Baby without its artistry or originality. The reveal is obvious from the start. The movie hits that dead child note so awkwardly loud that it is impossible not to come back. Overall, this has a little creepy vibe but nothing that scary. The jump scares don't scare. I like everybody here but they're not pushing any boundaries. This horror is mostly flat.

Reviewed by jessiewake 5 / 10

An interesting take, but nothing completely new...

After a pregnant woman moves in her new house with her loving husband, she starts seeing strange visions.

The movie starts up interesting, the character themselves are pretty well done. Though I was more interested by some side characters then our main protagonist. That's where the movie loses me a bit, though the actors do a great job, they don't have a lot to work with, some simple things are thrown in there to squish everything up, so we can care for these people. But at the end it just doesn't work very well. The movie tries to do something clever, though I didn't see the ending coming, it might be just because it was a little boring and hard to pay attention to. I can see a number of times the director tried to build atmosphere and tension, but it quickly falls apart by the numerous jump-scares it has littered about. There was so many times in the movie where I jumped just because of a loud noise and that is a problem. Some things are not explained in the ending which I can't get into without spoiling so I won't talk about it, but beside that we also have a very,very uninteresting ending of all. I wasn't afraid for the woman or her husband, I was more interested about the past it sets up with this house but never delivers. Sound: Nothing special for a horror movie Directing: It has some good shots, though it doesn't play with our mind quite as well as I hoped it would because of these visions. Story: The story is lackluster, had potential, but ultimately failed.

Overall this is an average movie at best: 5/10

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