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Analeigh Tipton as Stacey Drakeford
Michael Kelly as Michael Drakeford
Sofia Black-D'Elia as Emma Drakeford
Brianne Howey as Tara Dannelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jwcstorage 2 / 10

Poor execution, NOT "Viral"

The movie is your standard "outbreak" film: zombie, virus, alien, etc. People get taken over by a worm parasite on the other side of the world until it suddenly is hitting very close to home. NOTE: This movie is NOT about a virus, its about a parasite that takes over the host. Why they called it Viral, I'm not quite sure.

There honestly isnt anything you havent seen before if you've watched any of these types of films before, only its been done better somewhere else.

The two sisters come across as actual sisters and their acting is passable to decent. The love interest honestly felt out of place and wasted. I had hoped that with a wound he has from very early we would get some kind of nice "twist" but no, hes really there for no reason other than to prompt our main character to stop gawking and run away.

Another wasted character is the father, who if you've seen him in other media you are probably expecting a good performance, but dont, as he's barely in the film.

We have a very personal view of two sisters existing during this outbreak, one of which is probably one of the dumbest characters you'll see. FYI: if you get blood in any opening in your body, get checked out IMMEDIATELY.

If you want a dumb popcorn flick where you can turn off your brain that has a touch of horror this might scratch that itch. However, if you're the type who cant turn off their brain and sees logical inconsistencies this movie will make your eyes roll out of the back of your head. There are just SO many things that are the epitome of stupid, done by our characters, by the script, by the government in the film, by other people in the film, its just so bad.

IF you scare easily but get scared by horror movies but still like them, this might do it for you as there is actually little "horror". Theres a little body-horror and fake-jumpscares GALORE, and some VERY BAD CGI blood. There is a little bit of gross-out scenes of things like botfly removal or the effects of other parasites.

I would pass on this one, its honestly not worth the time or effort unless you want to watch a brain-dead flick.

Reviewed by Paul Evans 6 / 10

Zombies for beginners.

I quite enjoyed this film, I felt if I'd watched it at the age of sixteen I'd have loved it. As a story it's of course been done to death, but the delivery was pretty good, some nice rounded characters, with some great interplay, particularly between Emma and Stacey. The makers obviously felt no need for endless gore and violence, more subtly then terror. Trouble is we've all gotten used to hard hitting, no holds barred zombie films and serials, this would be a tad slow for many. It was watchable. 6/10

Reviewed by Igor Freitas 4 / 10

Disappointing and cliché. Made for casual viewers, not fans of the genre.

Stupid decision after stupid decision, this movie follow every cliché of how brainless the movie industry depicts every main character in horror movies.

Characters are half-likable, plot is half-developed, disease makes half-sense. Cut your expectations in half, and maybe you'll be able to enjoy (half of) this movie.

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