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Reviewed by James Wright 7 / 10

Without the Woods

There is a lot this film has going for it; it looks great, the setting is really creepy and it uses some good techniques to makes some of the situations the characters go through legitimately terrifying.

This is also where it falls down however as while the situations are clever and put you in the place of the character to where you wonder what you would do, you never really care about the characters themselves. We know next to nothing about them and they don't really stand out, so while we can replace ourselves with them in these scary situations, you could also replace them with any other character and it wouldn't make a difference. What's more it never really feels like there is much at stake, also it starts off by being really precise about what the people are there to do and how much time they have to do it in and then most of this is forgotten.

Overall this film could have been really good with a little more depth to the writing and a little more time spent getting to know the characters, but it is still worth a watch for the situations and setting alone.

Reviewed by jthaule 2 / 10

Great footage, horrible film

I gave this film a two, and considering the photography, lighting and set design/location are all pure tens, that speaks volumes for the rest of this film.

The script and editing is on the level of something you'd expect from a kindergarten child, the acting is horrendous most of the time and the entire film is completely disjointed. The plot, where there is one, suffers from lack of logic, and the characters behave in a way no human ever would.

It has everything you'd expect from the worst of Jean Rollin, except the humor and playfulness. It's just not good.

I'd love to edit this film down to about five-six minutes and use that footage for a music video, but the film as it is is just junk.

The music incidentally is distracting as all hell.

Reviewed by Lady Persephone 5 / 10

Wasted Potential

This Norwegian haunted asylum flick was a take on the 2001 US movie Session 9. Unfortunately for Villmark 2, they failed horribly in that respect. Their attempt at a psychological horror fell flat. The plot was paper thin and never came together because it was never fully realized.

What I did love about this movie was the setting. The isolation of the woods, the creepiness of the building, the atmosphere created by amazing visuals. I'm just not sure why the director didn't go another way with the movie. At the beginning, there was so much focus on the contaminated water supply, and I thought it would go the way of the crew contracting a disease from said water. (Think Cabin Fever only in an asylum). That would have been an amazing plot! A plot that actually made sense. But it veered off track at about the halfway mark and decided on a 'experiments gone wrong' angle. That is an angle that is incredibly cliche and so played out in so many other asylum/hospital horror movies. It just felt like lazy writing. And that was so disappointing when the movie had so much potential.

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