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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 10 / 10

Our song has not yet been sung

I was just commenting the other day, what the world really needs is a faux-Viking saga starring Dominic Purcell, a ballet dancer, and an oriental martial arts fighter. Eirick (Purcell) has been brought back from the dead by the goddess Freya (Tegan Moss). He is tasked by Frey (Jesse Moss) to travel to Hellheim to get a horn so he can defeat the evil Thor (Conan Stevens), sorry Avenger fans. Thor wields a huge molded plastic ax while wearing Emo dyed red hair speaking with a voice enhancer. Oh yes, he also hates Jesus, a plot point which made the film more inane.

The film is about Eirick's quest which includes companions in this "Middle Earth Period". Some of the people speak modern English, while others prefer bad Renaissance English. Some fighters are endowed with anti-gravity fighting ability, other are less fortunate. There is also a Druid Priest who subs as a wizard (Patrick Murray) an oriental fighter (Jon Foo) and a ballet dancer (Natassia Malthe) who join the quest. Druids, Vikings: they're both old and lived somewhere in Europe, who would know they weren't the same especially after having a guy speaking Chinese. Our hairy Druid wizard has a walking stick with the large proverbial crystal on the end.

The set was overly CG. I can't imagine how fake this would look in Blu-Ray. For a serious viewer, I would recommend watching this film on an analog TV to blur the fake looking CG effects. For those who watch for the cheese, digital is just fine especially that big monster head thing. The dialog and speeches given in the film closely resemble those of other famous films, particularly LOTR.

The film is Asylum/ SyFy bad. But for those of us who like horrible anachronistic films, this one is worth a peek.

Parental Guide: Viking F-bombs. Sex, side breast nudity. 10 stars for the cheese.

Reviewed by Sulphuric_Glue 1 / 10

So bad it's good

This is one of those movies that can be truly classed as "so bad it's good". It's nowhere near the level of a masterpiece like The Room, but this movie is so atrociously made that it is truly comical. Almost every aspect is either cringeworthy or hilarious. A terrible movie, but a must-watch.

Reviewed by daarbuke 2 / 10

Really bad. Almost a Bad Movie (genre, not adjective)

This is a terrible film. I understand that they had a very small budget to work with, but that's not an excuse for a bad script and bad editing.

There's just so much cheese that you wouldn't believe it.

The sets look fake. The weapons look fake. The locations are ridiculous. Everything looks like it's made of cardboard and spray painted with a stone look. The CGI is absurdly bad.

I understand that some things are expensive, but there are places where you can buy realistic-looking or even real weapons for cheaper than these fake ones. We have rocks and stones everywhere. There's no shortage of that to resort to using cardboard. There are places that rent out castles and forts for weddings and birthdays, they're not that expensive, I know people that do cosplay and recreations that take videos that look more professional than this.

But you can say they had a $1000 budget and everything was beyond their price range, but what's the excuse for the terrible script and cheesy dialogues?

Don't watch it unless you're looking for a laugh.

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