Victor Crowley


Comedy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 1072


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Tony Todd as Rev. Zombie
Tyler Mane as Bernard
Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley
Dave Sheridan as Dillon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leftmefordead 7 / 10

Exactly what you come to a Hatchet film for

I dont write long reviews. Its simply put a good comedy horror film. Campy and stupid when it should be, gorey when it should be. A very fun film Dont go in with high expectations and youll get everything you want from it. Adam green should be given more money to make some high budget comedy horrors. He has a real knack for it

Reviewed by mojoguzzi-879-68498 10 / 10

A Horror Fan's Delight

Adam Green is quite possibly the most talented director working in the horror field today. His films are always loads of fun, with subtle touches of humor like the hillbilly in Hatchet 1 drinking from a plastic urinal bottle, offhanded details that are easily missed if you don't pay attention. Of course there's plenty of not so subtle humor as well, especially in the Hatchet films which are Grand Guignol at its most extreme.

Those little touches are just part of the tapestry Green weaves, using every weapon in a film maker's arsenal. VICTOR CROWLEY could serve as a film school model of how to use sound and how to frame a shot for maximum effect.

There isn't a weak role in the script and every actor hits just the right tone. The acting is dead on perfect all around and the casting is sublime. Laura Ortiz is adorable as a feisty little sexpot, Dave Sheridan nails the hungry actor wannabe, Parry Shen shows great range. Too many to name them all, the entire cast is excellent.

Green's directorial skills are matched by his writing. Humor in horror is tricky. If you're making a horror film with humor, as opposed to a horror-themed comedy, it's easy to lose your balance, and too many directors cheapen their films with sophomoric one liners. Victor Crowley is loaded with very smart humor, some of it dark, some character-based.

The cinematography and sets are topnotch. The special efx are fantastic. One in particular is worth the price of admission... I'll say no more than that.

If you can't stomach gory efx, this film is definitely not for you. For fans, it's a gourmet feast.

Reviewed by californication-hit 7 / 10

this movie is good

Before watching this movie, i looked at imdb to see if there was any helpful reviews about it and i found only one , so i thought that this might be garbage and i didnt have high expectations going into this, but i was completely wrong. this is a low budget movie; the dead bodies looks fake, however it has a decent storyline, good acting, goery and in addition to all this its hilarious, so i recommend it to anyone who hesitate before going watching it and i think that this movie deserve more reviews and ratings.

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