V/H/S Viral


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nancy666 4 / 10

Disappointing after the first two

If you have seen the first two, then the third will probably be a let-down.

V/H/S Viral follows the same anthology premise as the first two but the stories don't flow as easily.

"Vicious Circles" was the most confusing for me. "Dante the Great" was one of the best. "Bonestorm" visually great but not the best story. "Parallel Monsters" had potential but went a bit overboard wtf.

It seems in the third they tried to push the creativity and it didn't work, not for me anyway. The cast is a solid as the previous installments but the stories aren't as easy to grasp and at the end you're kinda wondering what the hell went on.

I thoroughly enjoyed V/H/S/ 1 and 2 and was excited for the third, but it lost something this time around. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough for me to want to buy the DVD for the surprise "Gorgeous Vortex" segment.

Reviewed by lizday-40957 2 / 10

I'm not cross just very disappointed

Having watched VHS and VHS 2 on a whim late one insomnia fueled night, and with no prior knowledge of them, I was pleasantly surprised by both. So had fairly high hopes for round three. Unlike the first two there were no good segments in this collection, not one. I love horror movies and have sat through many howlers in my time (I have seen all the Howling films) but this may well be one of the worst as it had such potential. The plot (what there is of it in these films) was ridiculous and made very little sense. The acting was really sub par too with no real convincing character development. When character development was attempted it seemed really forced and irrelevant. Such a sad finish to what started out as quite an original and entertaining trilogy. I wonder if they will make a fourth and redeem themselves?

Reviewed by netninja 1 / 10

So impossibly bad

I honestly don't even know where to begin. This movie was so terrible that it almost made my face bleed. Take a moment to think about what a movie is made up of...now imagine all those things being put together by a room full of adolescent chimps. Everything from the horrible camera work to the lousy acting was laughable at best, at least until you begin to think about how this movie is the 3rd installment to a great series. Then you pretty much just want to cry.

Remember how the first two movies were scary and had an aura of creepiness and thrill? Yea me too but in "Viral" there isn't a shred of any type of creepy, scary, or thrill. It took me 4 attempts, over the course of a year, to finally sit down and subject myself to this poor excuse of a movie. Sure it had the series of short stories that VHS is famous for but the similarities to the other movies stops there.

An incoherent main story line coupled with poorly written short stories accomplish one thing very well...they give you a glimpse into what must be running through a drug addict's head just after his first hit of the pipe. I could go on and on about how terrible this movie was but I don't feel like any amount of words could describe how awful "VIRAL" was. So without any further ranting, please do yourself a great service of NOT WATCHING this movie like I did. I can guarantee that if you do, your gonna be immensely disappointed that " Viral" made it as the 3rd movie in the VHS trilogy.

Oh and just in case I wasn't clear before, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. IT IS GARBAGE FROM Beginning TO END.

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