V/H/S Viral


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 14%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 1 / 10

V/H/S: Viral sucks balls

This movie is borderline unwatchable. I tried watching this in two sittings and by the third I fell asleep. It's so bad, it's like they hunted down the worst horror writers and directors in hopes to sabotage a continuing V/H/S franchise and they succeeded. The camera-work is horrendous. It makes the final fight in Alex Cross look like The Raid 2. Awkward edits, annoying static every five seconds, terribly uninteresting plots and terribly written too. It's a shame because there was much potential from the first two V/H/S movies that this could become a good horror anthology franchise because it's such a great premise and found-footage is best in small 20-30 minutes doses but this movie tried to make an actual story with a couple random segments that make no sense.

Gun to my head, if I had to pick the best segment it would have to be the one with the alien penises. That sentence alone should tell you enough about this movie. It was such a dumb segment and it made no sense but actually attempted suspense and some form of story. The main story is dogsh*t. I hate this movie a lot. I remember thinking after V/H/S/2 "man, what a great idea for a horror franchise. I hope they continue these" and then Viral had to come along and take a heaping dump on film and sell it as a V/H/S movie.

If you liked the first two V/H/S movies, don't watch this. Don't ever watch this movie unless you want to feel depressed and p*ssed off in which case by all means V/H/S: Viral is the only thing you should watch. This movie sucks balls. It should have never been made and whoever greenlit this atrocious script should be fired if they haven't been already. I wish I could unwatch this movie. Spare yourselves.

Reviewed by MovieLord23 4 / 10

A bad end to the V/H/S/ trilogy

I like the first V/H/S movie as the concept was an interesting one. V/H/S 2 upped the ante and was really good. I had high hopes for V/H/S: Viral with names like Gregg Bishop involved, but it ended up being a cheap and bad mess.

Good: I did think that the first two segments had decent enough plots to where they could easily be made as feature length features. Dante the Magician had some fun moments and there were some campy moments where I would want to see as a full length movie. Nacho Vigalondo's segment is the best one with some nice twists and some crazy moments.

Bad: Unfortunately, the entire movie felt rushed and cheap. The wrap around segment fails to make any sense and it isn't entertaining at all along with obnoxious shaky cam. The first segment while it had some fun its too short and had some bad effects. The third segment is terrible with bad blood effects and obnoxious teenagers as the characters making it unbearable.

Overall, it's a bad film which sucks considering I liked the last two films. It feels rushed, not scary, none of the segments stand out, a lot of shaky cam, and it's not fun.

Reviewed by gmoconnor532 1 / 10

Don't waste your time....i created an account just to tell this to people...such a let down

I just created an IMDb account to tell people not to waste time on this hack of a movie. I am a huge VHS and VHS2 fan i thought both of them were amazing and i really liked how they changed up a very predictable genre. This movie is nothing like the first 2 except in that it is made of multiple stories. All of the stories are awful, offer no good scares and they never have no closure. The movie ends and your first reaction is to look around for a refund. I am extremely let down angry and disheartened because i had been watching the trailer for months with anticipation and was completely let down and i hope they never make another movie because i wont see it....please don't give these hacks your money. They don't deserve it and they just let down all their true fans. Such a waste of time. I hate them. I am owed an apology and refund

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