Vertical Limit


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 53056


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Izabella Scorupco as Monique Aubertine
Robin Tunney as Annie Garrett
Ben Mendelsohn as Malcolm Bench
Chris O'Donnell as Peter Garrett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

Not always realistic, but a fun mountaineering adventure

An enjoyable B-movie yarn masquerading as an A-list blockbuster, this is an adrenaline-pumping thriller that doesn't care about making the most of some contrived, occasionally unbelievable events. Despite the lack of realism in the many action scenes, the movie strives for an air of authenticity and achieves it in spades with some wonderful location photography in New Zealand. In short, this is a film that needs to be seen at a decent quality to appreciate the full beauty of the snowy landscapes and bleak mountain peaks. The script is fairly routine and there's definitely a flaw in the central premise of a six-strong rescue team setting out to rescue only three possible survivors, but it still makes for good entertainment which can only be a plus. Also, with an A-list budget, the action scenes are guaranteed to be well-executed and genuinely exciting. Throw in a few fantastic special effects (gotta love that avalanche) and you have a film which doesn't mind offering plenty of brainless fun and enjoyment.

The clichéd characters are also played by better actors than usual. Acting honours go to Scott Glenn, excellent as the toeless veteran climber forced to return to the peak one final time. Chris O'Donnell just about manages to hold onto the leading role but still feels somewhat hollow; meanwhile Robin Tunney is fairly good as the damsel in distress. Bill Paxton has an interesting role as a Branson-esque multi-millionaire along for the climb and the film cleverly develops his less-than-impressive character with a few twists here and there. Watch out for the satisfying conclusion to his part. Elsewhere, Izabella Scorupco is nicely feisty as a female rescuer, Alexandar Siddig makes for a good sherpa and Nicholas Lea gets a nasty injury.

If you want to see a film where guys do impossible jumps, survive freezing temperatures, and half of the mountainside blows up with lots and lots of explosions you have a choice between this and CLIFFHANGER. Stallone's film is cheesier, more violent and more over-the-top but VERTICAL LIMIT isn't without its fair share of shocks, surprises, and cliffhanging situations. Both are equally entertaining in this reviewer's book.

Reviewed by zlifb 1 / 10

How to watch this film

1. Imagine you are 8 and have never been to the movies to see an action flick (unless you think Bambi qualifies)

2. Imagine that the director is the one being swept away by an avalanche or dangling over a cliff edge

3. Imagine that the film's climbing advisors are so incompetent that it is they who are sliding down the mountain after their packs.

4. Ignore the characters and the "action". Put some good music on your iPod and just enjoy the New Zealand South Island travelogue.

5. Get drunk. Very, v e r y drunk.

6. Pretend it is a Star Trek film, with Kirk and Bones and monsters consisting of 3 blokes under a carpet. Watch out for the tribbles.

7. Get high. Very, v e r y high. 28,000 feet is not nearly high enough.

8. Take a small sip of vodka every time you spot a technical gaffe.

9. Make out in the back row.

10. Write a review while watching the film, to fill-in the gaps.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 5 / 10

Vertical Limited in Thrills.

Vertical Limit (2000): Dir: Martin Campbell / Cast: Chris O'Donnell, Robin Tunney, Bill Paxton, Scott Glenn, Izabella Scorupco: Action disaster flick about endurance and death. Chris O'Donnell and Robin Tunney play siblings reunited after four years. Central plot has O'Donnell leading a rescue mission to bring Tunney to safety. The setup establishes the sibling relationship before venturing into formula and a totally contrived ending. Director Martin Campbell knows how to stage exhilarating action especially after directing the James Bond comeback flick Goldeneye and The Mask of Zorro. O'Donnell holds his own. He quit climbing but wishes to encourage his sister who will be accompanied by two males in a climbing expedition of the world's second highest mountain. Tunney as his sister is a competitive climber. Both witness the death of their father four years earlier during a climbing exercise and both are coping differently. It is obvious that O'Donnell will succeed in the rescue and Tunney will grow mental stability. Bill Paxton is terrific as a champion climber with a secret of his own, although the handling of him in the conclusion is questionable. Scott Glenn as a mysterious climber is a joke, and his heroic scene is ludicrous. Izabella Scorupco hasn't much luck in roles since Golden Eye, and isn't exactly making a comeback here. Mediocre yet well produced freeze fest. Score: 5 ½ / 10

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