Veronica Mars


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 45047


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Krysten Ritter as Gia Goodman
Jamie Lee Curtis as Gayle Buckley
Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars
James Franco as James Franco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by troyhawke 1 / 10

Laughable liberal drivel

"When the class war starts, it will start here in Neptune"??? Really? I see Veronica Mars is still the same liberal moronic drivel that it always was. Rich/white men are basically scumbags and cops are corrupt, racist idiots. You know how the rest goes. Get a job Kirsten Bell, a real one that you actually have talent for. That goes for the rest of the cast as well.

Reviewed by Brian Davids (rustgold) 3 / 10

Mediocre End To The Great Veronica Storyline

I really don't understand why this movie has such a high rating. I watched the series, and hoped it would build and evolve on the qualities that made the first two seasons of the TV show (I pretend that season 3 doesn't exist). Unfortunately it wasn't to be. It's like watching mid-thirty year olds pretending they're still in high school. They don't even update their joke lines. What could have been great, turned out to be nothing but one of those 10 year reunions you attend, and during which you realise the world's moved on. It would have been better if this was never made. A mediocre end to the Veronica storyline.

(Ps: It's been suggested the high ratings is because of hard-core fans who funded it via Kickstarter have flooded the ratings. Personally, if I had been one of those, I would have been even more disappointed at this product).

Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10

Watchable even if you're not familiar with the show

First of all let me start by saying I never saw a single episode of the TV series. The story behind this being financed by fans of the show is very interesting to me. I know I'd love to see a movie version of a lot of my favourite shows, even now over a decade later like this one. However, I see that this has failed miserably at the box office which probably doesn't bode well for it being done in the future. As someone who had never seen the show I was still able to enjoy it. I understood there would be a lot of throwbacks and references to events and characters from the show and I simply excepted those for what they were, even though they meant nothing to me.

I liked the character of 'Veronica Mars'. Kristin Bell, along with the writers, have found a good balance between being a smart, switched on young woman and also being laid back enough to be relatable. I can very much see why she would work well as a television show's lead character. The story, a "whodunnit", is passable but probably the biggest let down of the film. It feels too much like just another episode of the show and isn't quite strong enough to justify a stand-alone film. There also aren't a lot of action sequences (probably due to the rather tight budget) so you often have to be patient through a lot of dialogue, even though it's well written for the most part. There's not enough here to make me go back and buy the series DVDs, but there certainly could be for some. And if nothing else a lot of fans of the show got a nice treat they probably never expected after having their show cut short at only 3 seasons.

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