Vengeance: A Love Story


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 17%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 3864


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Nicolas Cage as John
Don Johnson as Jay Kirkpatrick
Anna Hutchison as Teena
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomnel-1 1 / 10

Imbecilic writing

I'm not a movie critic but I did practice law for 41 years. The courtroom scenes in this movie exceed the outermost boundaries of stupidity. This is sloppy, incompetent and irresponsible writing. A piece of trash. It's impossible to point a finger at the person responsible with two screenwriters fiddling with a novel. Disgusting.

Reviewed by tony-146-695626 5 / 10

disappointing. watch only to kill time.

Acting is very good. Nicolas though is severely underused. Wasted even. The movie starts off very promising, like a space rocket taking off. The plot advances and just when you expect the movie to jump into high gear it only sputters, fizzles, and rapidly loses altitude. Finally showing to be a dud with a script that simply goes nowhere. Feels like a made for TV cop show movie. The failing is not the actors. They were all very good. The script is to blame.

If you have time to kill with nothing else to watch then OK. Watch it for the acting. Otherwise, pass.

Reviewed by marksu007 3 / 10

fast forward is the only way to watch

The writer/ Director must think there is no audience of this film has an IQ north of 60.

And they are so disconnected with the real world for some reason.

Anyway, it is bad, really bad

1 star for Nicolas Cage 1 star for Nicolas Cage 's action scene 1 star is for Anna Hutchison and Dikran Tulaine

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