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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 3196


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Roxanne McKee as Morgan Vickers
Vincent Regan as Colonel Leach
Danny Dyer as Jimmy Vickers
Josef Altin as Rob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Rogers 9 / 10

Good British Drama/Action Film

Forget all the Dyer haters out there...This is a very good film, end of! No spoilers, no plot line summary's just watch it and make up your own mind.It may not be a 9 out of 10 that I have given it but that is to try and counter balance against the keyboard warriors out there who just want to have a go because Danny Dyer is involved. If you like films like Layer Cake, Lock Stock etc. then you will enjoy this. It may not be an Oscar winner, you may think that the plot is a re-hash, that doesn't stop this from being a good film. Get over yourself, sit down and enjoy...and if it makes you reflect on the state of the criminal justice system in the UK and the state of "Bwroken Bwritain" then crack on me ol son!

Reviewed by jgw321 4 / 10

Good thriller, full of revenge, but no twists or character development.

If you want a film full of violence and revenge, to get your adrenaline going, then this will fill the bill. It doesn't have the qualities to make it a great film, but it is not pretending to be that, just an entertaining action flick.

However, it is a bad film in that it seems to have the message behind it that vigilantism is the solution to our current crime problems. In watching the film it dawns on you that the author is saying our current system is broken and out of control. So well and good, that is a good point to make, but in watching the short bundled with the DVD (The Snowman) it seems to be advocating vigilantism as the solution. Our system may be bad and need fixing, but this is not the way to go. It is hard to tell if the film itself is pro vigilantes, as it was left in the air ready for the sequel. However, I won't be watching it.

Reviewed by Andrew Mernagh 8 / 10

Danny Dyer Finally Delivers in Spades

I have been a Danny Dyer fan for some years, I always felt he had the ability and potential to be a solid British actor. He simply wasn't getting or choosing the right projects to showcase those skills.

We could blame his agent, financial needs or Danny himself? Whatever the reasons he got it right here and finally was able to show off a little as to what he could do.

Thye story is simple, straightforward revenge thriller similar to Taken, I AM Wrath etc.. but on a far more gruesome level. Stephen Reynolds is another British writer/director with potential. The budget was apparently non-existent but that does not show here when you watch the action unfold before you.

Dyers dark and gritty performance shine on screen and when it's all over I was ready for more.

This film is seeking Oscars or trying to solve the world's problems. It simply a straight forward gory revenge thriller that has sadly been underrated

Sadly the sequel is looking less likely with Dyer gone into the world of brain dead soaps and Reynolds working in the US for WEE Studios.

But if does come about I will be there

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