Vehicle 19


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
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Paul Walker as Michael Woods
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 2 / 10

motivational flaws

Michael Woods (Paul Walker) is on parole after being released from an American prison. He breaks parole to go to Johannesburg, South Africa to find his ex-wife Angie. He picks up the wrong rental car at the airport. He finds a phone and a gun. He is about to abandon the car at a junkyard when he gets a call from police detective Smith. Smith gives him an address to swap cars. Michael gets hopelessly lost and then he finds Rachel Shabangu bound in the back of the minivan.

Michael proclaims that "This is Crazy!" I feel the same way about the movie. It makes no sense why he would keep the woman prisoner. He should just let her go and clean up whatever fingerprints are on the car. Every move makes less sense. The character is an idiot and Paul Walker does not really play idiots well. I do mean idiot as in mentally deficient. There is nothing holding him to the situation. This is very manufactured which drains all tension from the drama and the action. It doesn't matter how well it's film or how exciting are the car chases. The character simply doesn't make sense.

Reviewed by juneebuggy 5 / 10

An interesting premise that loses itself in the delivery

This was okay if somewhat bland "action thriller" Set entirely in Johannesburg, South Africa it follows Paul Walker (sigh) as he becomes the target of a massive police manhunt after picking up a rental car with a female whistle-blower locked in the trunk.

The film does an excellent job showing the ins and outs of the city, while slowly revealing the plot as it goes along, which was fine with me, I like figuring things out this way. The entire movie has been shot and takes place inside the rental car, its an interesting premise, along the lines of Colin Farrell's "Phone Booth" unfortunately Vehicle 19 loses itself in the delivery and I'll admit that this film had trouble holding my interest for the duration.

Walker does a decent enough job with his (mostly) one man show, he's brooding, a sort of anti-hero type. There are some okay action scenes too considering the limitations of his character never leaving the minivan, in fact he doesn't even stand up, remaining seated for the duration. There are a couple of car chases through the city streets but this is no 'Fast and Furious' with an obvious low budget and despite the fact that its been dubbed a "nonstop thrill ride" its really not. 2/22/16

Reviewed by Terryfan 3 / 10

So much wasted

It just a shame how this film could have had so much going for it but it was wasted from the Get go

Vehicle 19 could have been so much more but sadly it wasn't what I as a movie fan would want.

Having Paul Walker in the film had me wanted to watch the film there are some films that allow him to showcase his talents as a actor and he was quite good sadly this was not one of his best films and This being one of Paul Walker's last movies.

I'm going to keep this a respective review.

The film had a interesting plot that was enough to get me to watch the film but unfortunately the film just don't do anything to make me feel like I'm going to enjoy the film.

It just don't have that IT factor, that's what I want in a film is to have the It Factor where you want to sit down and watch the movie this however does little to nothing.

Again the plot of the film does spark your interest and with Paul Walker as the protagonist it did get some credit for getting attention.

However the film just lacks on any strong performances the acting just feels disappointed, there is hardly any action scenes in the film just feels like you had your hope high only to be let down. I have seen films that at least try but this one just wasn't enough

My suggestion is only watch it if you're curious about Vehicle 19 and this being one of Paul's last films.

Just when you had hope you were be given a good film you were not.

I give Vehicle 19 an 3 out of 10

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