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Ethan Embry as Rusty Griswold
Jeffrey Donovan as Hotel Employee
Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold
Beverly D'Angelo as Ellen Griswold
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Reviewed by thesar-2 7 / 10

I've Been Kicked in the Nuts at BJ, Myself

I'm way biased here. This is now my favorite Vacation movie after binge watching all 4 from a BluRay box set. I'm biased because I'm a Vegas fanatic and it's hard to watch how they get Vegas wrong in so many movies. Here, they actually shot in so many of the locations and the views from their rooms made sense. Too many times, including the most recent Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, do they just make up sh|t as they go along and hope no one's ever been to Sin City. I digress. I know this isn't everyone's favorite, and some scenes made me cringe, like Clark climbing the Hoover Dam, but I found myself laughing more in this installment than the previous three. Mostly with Cousin Eddie, again, the gambling – specifically the off-strip casino and Marty the Devil Dealer and the luck of Rusty. Am not ashamed, despite my obsession with Vegas, to say, this is my favorite Vacation…so far.

Reviewed by eric262003 7 / 10

Funny But Formulaic

The final installment to the Griswald family's madcap misadventures, they're just as funny as the other three outrageous film before this one, as Clark, Ellen, Audrey and Rusty are out to stir trouble for themselves and everyone else surrounding them only this time the stakes are higher in the 1997 film "Vegas Vacation." The laughs are gut- bursting, and the hot Nevada desert is the perfect resort to capture just how zany and outrageous the Griswalds can be. Sure it's good to watch one in a blue moon, after seeing the same gags over and over again, it does loses its flavour like a piece of chewing gum and you can easily become bored after a while.

The film is truly a follow-up to "Christmas Vacation" as Clark finally got his big bonus from his marketing business after his newly invented cereal bars are a success and decides to use his money to his advantage and brings his wife and kids with him where they'll go on a frenzy gambling and living the life on Easy Street. During their stay, the Griswalds venture on their own to see what fortune comes their way. Such scenes involves legendary crooner Wayne Newton trying to get it on with Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo). Clark and the kids have their moments as well.

Sure the Griswald family follow the same path as the other three installments, but that's because of their inept ways of life, they have managed to make us laugh. We all come to see them struggle, fail and try to move up only to still remain left behind, but we love them for that and that is what keeps their fans from coming into theatres for. We were all shocked to see Clark as he dangles off Hoover Dam and crashing through Wayne Newton's house with the van.

The movie is very rich because the film is unpredictable. You think that they slowed the tempo down in "Christmas Vacation", but think again, the falls, the slapstick humour is still effective as we await for every gag to takes its shape and every way for the Griswalds to bend it. The laughs continue and never gets bored the first time seeing it at least, but after multiple viewing it loses its flavour like chewing gum.

Clark and the gang had their moments of laugh-till-your-stomach- bursts moments, however, the funniest scenes will involve the funniest supporting player to the Griswold clan. I'm talking about Randy Quaid's Cousin Eddie. From the first and third installments (he wasn't in "European Vacation"), he was always a dynamic character and the reason why is that even though he's dumber than rocks, his heart is in the right place and looks out for Clark even in the the most dire situations. But his redneck ways and caring charm puts a light touch to someone's heart.

This film isn't without its weaknesses. For one thing if you seen the other three Griswald adventures you seen them all. The madcap over- the-top slapstick humour has been done many times before and many times better. Even the dialogue and the facial expressions have all been executed in the very same pattern. But hey, what do I expect this film was going to be, a life-changing drama? Hell, no this is "National Lampoon" baby, so the film should be about overdosing in slapstick comedy so why spoil a good thing.

Another fault is why was Wayne Newton playing a pivotal part in the film. Sure he's a respective singer and I would have been okay if he played a cameo role in the film. But as a supporting character, he was just plain awful. He was just playing himself, a sleazy Vegas singer who had the hots for Ellen.

Usually in the other three films I laughed with the family, but in "Vegas Vacation", I couldn't help but feel sorry for them, especially from the kids (who looked too old to play the parts of Audrey and Rusty). The lack of chemistry is missing in this film because the kids and the parents seem to go their own separate ways. I thought it angered me that Clark kept forgetting his daughter's name most of the time (making her feel like the black sheep of the family a la Meg Griffin from "Family Guy"). I also felt that there was a lot of parental negligence as the kids Audrey and Rusty found themselves in dangerous predicaments. It was also very angering that Clark spent over $23,000 of his bonus money on gambling when he should have done as he promised in "Christmas Vacation" was to install a swimming pool. It made me think where's social services when you need them feeling I got. Surely a family could not have been this dysfunctional. But though it all it still succeeds in providing you with non-stop gags and having you laughing the whole way through.

Overall this movie is by far a terrible movie. The laughs are plentiful and you'll surely have a good time and Randy Quaid was wonderful as Cousin Eddie. I would recommend it as a comedy and really nothing more than that.

Reviewed by leplatypus 7 / 10

Not breaking the bank but also not down the sink ! (web)

This 4th adventure is not one too much as there is some fun moments but there is indubitably no new ideas since the first movie and that's a pity: Clark is blind, the kids are daredevils, Ellen is strong and the cousins gentle jerks… Going on the road again offers more surprises than staying at home but going to Vegas is boring as this is not a sight-seeing location. However the feel of this sin city is perfectly done as i stayed also in one of this big hotel and that i saw again all things i did (games inside the hotel, buffet meals, labyrinth corridors). The only exterior visit to Hoover Dam is also really funny as well as well as the mile- high club try! This new pair of kids is cool and we have also a Chevy at top of his form! In itself, the movie could be expandable but when you look for genuine comedy, you come to the conclusion that this Griswold family has something the others have not!

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