Van Wilder: Party Liaison


Comedy / Romance

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Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder
Aaron Paul as Wasted Guy
Tara Reid as Gwen Pearson
Sophia Bush as Sally
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by keithbrown-90195 3 / 10

Unfocused and Gross

Van Wilder wants to be the next iconic gross out teen movie. It has all the necessary ingredients, but it takes those ingredients and mixes in a little bodily fluids and serves it to you uncooked on a soggy paper plate.

I don't think this movie delivered one worthy laugh. It has jokes, but they're not funny. It has gross out gags, but they're so gross that they're impossible to enjoy. It has a smarmy leading man who hadn't fully realized his charm. It has a comatose leading lady whose best years were already behind her. And it has supporting characters who are so one dimensional you can't be bothered to pay attention to them.

The story tells of an undergrad who can't be bothered to grow up and graduate. He'd rather be the big man on campus. A reporter is sent to write a piece on him, and they eventually hit it off. Her pre-med boyfriend has other plans. Hi-jinks ensue. If this sounds familiar, it's because it is. It does nothing story-wise that hasn't been done before and better. It has a lame final act where Van must get his life together and prove his worth to his school, to his girl, and to his dad.

Ryan Reynolds is likable, but he's not quite likable enough to make up for everything around him. Tara Reid, who I'm crushing on at the moment due to recently seeing her in Urban Legend, is bad here. She's unable to emote convincingly in her face or voice and she looks much worse for wear than in her late 90s heyday. This discrepancy makes the central romance fall completely flat when it should have been the movie's heart and highlight.

Reviewed by Prismark10 6 / 10

Party animal

Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is the eternal student at Coolidge College where he has been studying for seven years but yet to graduate. The reason is because he enjoys the raucous party lifestyle where he is respected and held in esteem by other students.

Things take a turn when Wilder's dad stops his allowance and the student newspaper journalist wants to expose his party lifestyle. When some under-age kids are found by the police drinking in one of his parties Van Wilder's college days seem to be numbered and he decides he finally needs to grow up, realise his potential and graduate while taking revenge on the local college jock who got him into trouble.

The film is a cross between Animal House and American Pie. Tim Matheson who plays Van Wilder's father appeared in Animal House and Tara Reid who plays the student paper journalist appeared in American Pie.

There is also plenty of gross out humour such as ├ęclairs filled with dog semen or a protein shake laced with laxatives.

There is the added sub-plot of Wilder's assistant, an Indian exchanges student, Taj Mahal wanting to have sex with an American girl and getting into all sorts of scrapes like setting himself on fire

Reynolds injects enough heart and decency in Van Wilder to actually make you root for him and it is amusing enough with bad taste pranks to make you laugh several times.

Reviewed by Fluke_Skywalker 6 / 10

Gets a passing grade

'Van Wilder' certainly doesn't attempt to reinvent the wheel, sticking beat for beat with your standard college/slacker comedy, but like its star, Ryan Reynolds, it's an amiable enough flick that gets by more on its likability, fast pace and fun atmosphere than an abundance of laugh out loud gags.

The aforementioned Reynolds is backed up by an equally likable, if perhaps culturally stereotypical, performance from Kal Penn. Together they make a solid comedic Batman and Robin. The rest of the cast fill in nicely around them, with only the talent-challenged Tara Reid seemingly out of her depth. Scary when you think about just how shallow 'Van Wilder' is.

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