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Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as David Deyo
James Woods as Jack Crow
Frank Darabont as Man with Buick
Sheryl Lee as Katrina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sérgio Delgado 10 / 10

A John Carpenter classic but of course

The master of horror brought to us a vampiric masterclass of a movie. A really astonishing vampire movie, not the glowly sensitive "sexy" twight vampire, but true vampires that just wants to suck every single drop of human blood they can get their teeth on. Losely based on a book of the same name "Vampires" follows the story of Jack Crow and Tony Montoya, two slayers working under the catholic church, even if they work for priests there's nothing holy about Crow , a man thet will literally kick a padre's ass if he needs to. Obviously there's a nemesis for our protagonists, in this case Valek it's his name and this 600 year old bloodsucker is scary, i will give him that much. As allways in John Carpenter film there's a kick ass soudtrack (which i listen to this day) that gives the movie a western, action and horror vibe to the viewer. And the perfomances... James Woods carrys the movie on his own, Baldwin does an ok job i guess, Tim Guinne probably had his best on screen appereance perfomance of his career as a young priest and he nails it, and we even have the great Maximilian Schell wich is reason alone to adore the film. Small part but every single sentence spoken by him is acting gold. And for the Twin Peaks fans we have "Laura Palmer" herself. I'm a gigantic Carpenter fan so don't take it from me see it for yourself but i dont' care i'm giving it 10/10 stars. Yes it's that good!

Reviewed by skybrick736 6 / 10

Vampires 6/10

John Carpenter always had a way of cashing in with the most simplistic of horror movie title, for example Halloween, The Fog, The Thing. The fall off in his directing career maybe could be pointed to his first film about vampires, notably called Vampires. The bloodsucking creatures in the southwest desert scenery really made the film seem like it derived from the film "From Dusk Til Dawn", which came out a couple years prior. With a lack of originality in the story, there was also a problem of having a dull supporting cast around James Woods. Needless to say the film was able to hold my interest throughout the film and James Woods did pull off his dialogue really well but it is a disappointing film considering pass successes.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 8 / 10

The Vampire Slayers and the Master

The crusader Jack Crow (James Woods), Anthony Montoya (Daniel Baldwin) and their team are vampire slayers working for the Catholic Church under the command of Cardinal Alba (Maximilian Schell). When they find a vampire nest near Mexico, they exterminate all the vampires but their master Jan Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith) that is hidden below earth. Jack, Montoya and their friends go to a motel to celebrate with prostitutes. However, Valek comes to the motel, bites the hooker Katrina (Sheryl Lee) and kills all the vampire slayers but Jack and Montoya that flee taking Katrina with them. Jack has a meeting with Cardinal Alba that asks him to join another team. Jack leaves the meeting with Father Adam Guiteau (Tim Guinee) and decides to hunt down Valek using Katrina as a bait. Will they succeed?

John Carpenter's Vampires is an entertaining underrated film with a perfect combination of terror, action and humor. There are many funny lines and the casting is perfect. Sheryl Lee is extremely hot especially on the bed scene where she is nude. Once again John Carpenter makes a great film. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Vampiros de John Carpenter" ("John Carpenter's Vampires")

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