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Trevor Morgan as Renfield
Rachael Leigh Cook as Laura King
Kristin Kreuk as Maria Lucas
Kevin Zegers as Simon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dalaye 7 / 10

Modern Day True Vampires

To those that enjoy the Dracula vampire movies, don't bother with this one. This is not a fantasy. This is a true modern day sanguinarian vampire drama that is very enjoyable and very believable. While some may consider if bordering on horror, only due to a second vampire within the story, it is a well written and portrayed drama of true vampirism, where people truly are addicted to drinking human blood of others. Most will enjoy this as it fails to be as predictable as it first appears, and everyday life drama is well portrayed. It is disappointing that that many gave this a low rating, most likely as they simply wanted to see the typical fantasy vampire horror movie. This isn't it - this movie is real life, and truly could be based on a true story.

Reviewed by Irishmoviereviewer 5 / 10

Gets interesting but extremely horrendous

At the beginning of the film, you would get to be interested in this movie straight away because you don't know how the biology teacher Simon attacks his victims so he can get their blood without being caught. I found it actually shocking that he didn't get caught at all in the end.

Nor his lovesick physopath friend Renfield. I thought it was horrendous and disgusting that he raped a poor defenseless woman to just off Simon that he's a vampire too. Seriously, he needs to be electriculed by an electric chair to see how he likes the pain!

I would call this movie a very sick and disturbing film to watch. I think it would be best if it was banned to tell you the truth.

Reviewed by DhariaLezin 8 / 10

Absolutely alternative

I was really surprised after watching this vampire movie. It is refreshing after all the soap-opera vampire dramas that have been on TV and movies recently that make the vampires corny stupid creatures. If you are looking for blood and gore, this is not gonna be your kind of movie, but if you are into psychological thrillers with extremely well created characters go for it. Perhaps the thing that hooked me up the most in this tiny indie movie, is that each of the characters that appear have a story to tell, even if their appearance is short. It has many elements that have not seen in a movie before with the touch that the director gives, such a suicide community online, and a serial killer that actually kills the victims with their consent, making him kind of sweet. You will never understand for sure if he is a vampire or why he does what he does, but you get really attached to different characters in one way or another and you cannot help feeling empathy for more than one in different moments. There is no way you can hate Simon (the main character), even if he is a "serial killer", and when you hear the victims, you also get why they don't wanna live anymore. The dialogs are breathtaking, and the acting of every single actor is just fabulous. Definitely the casting team made excellent choices, I didn't know most of them, but that was an amazing surprise, again, specially for being an indie low budget movie. I would have given it a ten if the last half an hour of the movie didn't got slower, and because of the photography. Although it is good, some scenes are extremely long for just one shot. However, I would recommend it if you want something new, deep and with a deep psychological content about vampires.

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