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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erikacunanan29 7 / 10

Great acting. Gruesome movie.

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  • The story was really interesting but there were parts that seemed too slow (scenes without action). By the second half of the movie, there were twist and turns happened made things a lot better.
  • You would get really mad at most of the scenes but the ending was very good.
  • There are so many morbid/brutal scenes. I almost stopped watching in the beginning because of it.
  • Action scenes were really good and intense.
  • I was shocked to see Peter Stormare (Lucifer from Constantine movie) here.
  • I was really amazed at Lee Jong Suk here because he was so scary at some of the scenes. This is the first time I saw him as a villain and he did a great job especially since his previous characters were good guys.
  • Jang Dong Gun and Kim Myung-min were amazing in their respective roles.

SHOULD YOU WATCH IT: Your choice. Take note that there are many morbid scenes.

Reviewed by Prashast Singh 9 / 10

VIP Review: Park Hoon-jung impresses big time with this crime-action thriller!

Movie: VIP (18): Action/Crime/Thriller - Korean


  • Jang Dong-gun, Kim Myung-min, Park Hee-soon perform very well. Lee Jong-suk also does a fairly decent job. Jang excels in the action scenes and at times I got reminded of his movie "No Tears for the Dead" which was an excellent action movie.
  • The action sequences are excellent and a treat to watch.
  • The screenplay is excellent, though there are times when the film does slow down, but thankfully it regains its pace in no time, and goes on to entertain till the very end.
  • Production values are decent.
  • The BGM is in many sequences, outstanding.
  • The format of narration is quite interesting.


  • The film could've been edited a bit to be a little more captivating.

Repeat value: Yes

Overall, VIP comes out as a refreshing entertainer which blends action and thrill in a unique proportion, It's even good to see Park Hoon-jung write with his usual style, as he did in "The Unjust" and "I Saw the Devil". Just make sure kids don't get to watch the film (unless they become old enough). A definitely entertaining watch for genre fans, and much, much, much better than "New World".

Reviewed by Lev TV 5 / 10

Mediocre for Korean standards

While the cast for the roles is superb this movie lacks considerably in plot.

The storyline is weak with no suspense and 1 or 2 tiny plot twists that aren't that interesting. To be honest the situations the stars get into are far from the reality anyone could have in mind. In short 3 different parties want to capture a serial killer that is the son of a high ranking official. There is no hunt whatsoever though since he literally does not try to evade them at all.

The action in the movie is almost non existent with the exception of literally only 2 scenes.

Felt greatly disappointed since Korean movies are usually fantastic in this genre.

5 / 10 stars only for the casting and the length of the movie

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