USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage


Action / Drama / History / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
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Nicolas Cage as Captain McVay
Thomas Jane as Lt. Adrian Marks
Matt Lanter as Bama
James Remar as Admiral Parnell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexander Zalessky 2 / 10

Sharknado 5

Men of Courage is not meant to be anything more than a generic mid- budget war movie with sharks, but it underdelivers even if you keep your expectations low. The script follows historical events pretty closely, but writing has lots of flaws, and romantic storyline is disappointing. Nicolas Cage gives a sensible performance, but his character doesn't move anywhere from "good captain" cliché. The writers add lots of voice-over narration to add depth to characters, which makes things worse. The Japanese captain is reduced to ridicule near the ending, where the two captains burst into tears while saluting each other.

If you only look for special effects, war scenes and sharks wreaking havoc, this movie won't be any less disappointing. Warship effects are of acceptable quality (for television at least), but man-eating sharks are either roughly made CGI, or replaced with smaller sharks which are obviously harmless. Not a single scene shows sharks biting humans; edits carefully avoid that part. No attention is given to the actual details of shark species present on the site of USS Indianapolis demise. For a movie that closely follows actual events (and even includes documentary footage), Men of Courage has an unacceptable number of inaccuracies. It's also badly edited, with scenes interrupted and tied together in strange places. Two hours last like four.

The story of USS Indianapolis appears more fascinating when you read the sources and memoirs, and it certainly deserves a better adaptation than one made by this movie's screenwriters.

Reviewed by johnsaltas 1 / 10

Skip movie, use Google

The single scene in the movie Jaws where Robert Shaw scares the crap out of Richard Dreyfus as he describes the sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the terrifying shark aftermath, has more truth, terror, realism and great acting than the entire movie USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. This film's amazing true story was hijacked along the way to make room for fictional back lines of power, love and racial tensions that all fall flat. Anachronisms abound--FNG is from the Vietnam war, the neon sign is not of the period, and Wayne Gretzky wouldn't make his "miss 100 shots you don't take" quote for another 50 years. It's like the scriptwriter used Google to write the script but forgot to use Google to fact check it. I wanted to like this movie, to pass along a great history lesson to my son watching with me, but from the first wobbly special effect to when we gave up and went to bed as the wrong shark species showed up, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage never failed to disappoint. At least we know how it ends and at least there's Google to get it right and Jaws to tell it better.

Reviewed by Mike Murphy 1 / 10

Wow, did that suck!

Bad across the board. One of the few movies I would really want my money back from.

Bad acting, bad plot, horrible cgi, bad script. I really can not find anything positive to say about this film. Even at 128 minutes its was way too long for the lack of substance. There is a scene where McVay speaks to the Japanese Sub Commander. It was pretty schmaltzy, but it had a moment of decent drama when they just looked at each other.

I am embarrassed and ashamed that this pile of crud is supposed to reflect on what happened to those men.

You are better off reading the book "In Harms Way" to get some sort of feel for what they went through. Heck for that matter you are better off watching Jaws and having Quint (Robert Shaw) tell the story about his tattoo, and the story of why he will not wear a life jacket.

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