Upstream Color


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 26636


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Amy Seimetz as Kris
Brina Palencia as Woman in Club
Mollie Milligan as Maggie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alfCycle 8 / 10

Engaging film that requires the viewer to draw their own conclusions

I love a good mind bending film with a non-conventional narrative structure. Films that challenge the viewer to figure out what exactly is going on and what it all actually means or represents. It's not enough for the movie to just be odd and confusing. The real test for these types of films is whether I feel engaged and intrigued by what I am watching. This film definitely captured my attention and held it from start to finish. The closest comparison I can think of would be David Lynch films, which I am a huge fan of. If anything, Upstream Color has a more straight forward narrative than the more surreal Lynch films like Inland Empire or Lost Highway. You can go through the movie and follow what is happening, for the most part, while piecing together what it all means. At the end of the film, you will want to go through the movie in your head to form a conclusion about what exactly happened and how you interpret the film, both narratively and thematically. If you go into a movie expecting it to spell everything out and come to a gift wrapped conclusion, you probably won't enjoy this film. If you like movies that require the viewer to draw their own conclusions, this film might be right for you.


...but that's just like, my opinion, man

# Of Times Watched: Once

Reviewed by Ibrahim Khider 10 / 10

Ambitious and rewarding storytelling in an industry ruled by the conventional.

Shane Carruth's Upstream Color is a masterwork narrative about victims to an enterprising thief who somehow taps into an obscure process in nature that secretes a drug that in turn makes its users over-suggestive.‭ ‬The thief forces the drug on to the victims who then proceed to willingly sign over their personal property and assets.‭ ‬Once the assets are gone,‭ ‬so is the thief.‭ ‬To further compound the injustice,‭ ‬the influence of this drug does not merely wear-off,‭ ‬rather it lingers and alters the mind and personality of the victims who now spend the balance of their lives trying to recover from it or adjust.‭ ‬This film focuses on two particular victims who were previously unconnected,‭ ‬yet now bond over two things‭; ‬they both recognise the influence of the drug in each other and both are driven to bring their mutual trauma to some kind of resolution.‭ ‬Whether the resolution is the correct one or not is incidental,‭ ‬the point is closure and then the real healing can start.‭ ‬One detail that seems curiously absent are the victims‭' ‬families.‭ ‬Where are they in this trauma‭ ‬and healing‭? ‬If a relative or close friend proceeds to act strangely and then sign all personal effects to a complete stranger,‭ ‬would this not evoke questions and maybe even interventions‭? ‬Further,‭ ‬would the victims‭' ‬family or even financial institutions not trace and act on the random signing-over of assets‭?‬ There seems to be no satisfying way to address this inconsistency.‭ ‬What we do focus instead is on the victims and how they struggle in the aftermath of this mind-altering drug who are now also locked into this obscure process of nature.‭

I saw this film at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto back in‭ ‬2013‭ ‬and was left staggering out of the theater,‭ ‬overwhelmed by the cinematography,‭ ‬acting,‭ ‬music score and story.‭ ‬I am a fan of Carruth's work since Primer,‭ ‬which I proudly own.‭ ‬Though I am dismayed at some of the comments on IMDb,‭ ‬I also realize that some need stories spoon fed to her/him.‭ ‬I know Carruth puts a lot of thought into every facet of his films and that he leverages his technical and financial limitations,‭ ‬more than most other film directors,‭ ‬to get the most story out of them.‭ ‬After all,‭ ‬Carruth is financier, director,‭ ‬composer,‭ ‬and actor of this film so he literally‭ '‬gives his all‭'‬.‭ ‬One can view Upstream Color the way one views a fireworks display;‭ ‬sit back and gape at the beauty,‭ ‬the colors and symmetries.‭ ‬I would consider Upstream Color to be eco-Sci-fi best appreciated through intuition and trust.‭ ‬Shane Carruth is one of the rare directors who tells a story in an unconventional and rewarding way.‭ ‬More than just a movie,‭ ‬Upstream Color is a proud work of art that dares in an industry that is trained to be‭ '‬safe‭'‬.‭

Reviewed by crystal075-705-904023 6 / 10

how did this even happen?

I have no idea how Shane Carruth did it, but this was one of the most interesting films I've seen in quite some time. I actually had to put it on pause once or twice just to breathe, and for that reason I am grateful that I could watch it at home rather than a theater. The story can be a bit overwhelming at times, but my takeaway feeling is one of awe and amazement. Would I watch it again? ummmm. Most likely not. Am I glad that I DID watch it? Definitely. An amazing piece of work that redefines dimensions, parallels and just how hard it can be to come together.

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