Upside Down


Action / Drama / Fantasy / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 64773


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Jim Sturgess as Adam
Timothy Spall as Bob Boruchowitz
Blu Mankuma as Albert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 7 / 10

Walking on the ceiling

The film opens with a lengthy narration explaining the fictional scientific laws of the worlds and how society is structured. It is a bit confusing, but as soon as you see it in action, it becomes apparent. This is a love story about people from two different worlds. The film oozes with symbolism about our society. People who are rich are attracted to the rich world. The poor live as mudlarks valuing anything from the rich world. A heartless corporation forms a link between the two worlds exploiting the poor for the sake of the rich. They rob them of their raw materials and sell back the manufactured product.

The scenery and special effects was excellent. Kirsten Dunst's character Eden, was never developed. We didn't know much about her. Adam (Jim Sturgess) we knew more about, but he needed a haircut. They kept his hair greasy and unkempt for effect, but for me it was a needless distraction.

The attraction the couple had for each other was carried to an extreme. After being separated for ten years, Adam hasn't moved on. Seriously? Eden, has amnesia and is unattached. The story line needed tweaking, but then don't most romances.

It is an interesting film as it is unique in concept. Unfortunately they needed to spend some time on character.

No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.

Reviewed by casablancavic 2 / 10

Wow - this is bad

Though I am not a scientist, whatever promise this movie had as theory falls into total stupidity on so many levels.

I am glad I watched this on Youtube and did not pay for it - aside of my spent time which I had free.

Fantasy can be made very interesting if it is made believable and kept believable and doesn't change every time the story begins to fail.

Well this story fails from 3 minutes in - and the overdone graphics, overdone lens flare, overdone effects and underdone story do not gel well.

Not only is the male lead uninteresting, he fails to bond with anybody else in a scene.

The lot is all over and of course - science and logic is non-existent.

There are many better scripts which could have told a better story with the same theme - and sadly they do not get produced.

Only worth a watch if you're bored and exhausted much more interesting and logically produced films.

Charlize Theron would have made this movie beyond excellent - as would a better male with sparkle.

Reviewed by martin-panda-svetlik 4 / 10

Inconsistent physics, incomplete story, nice imagery

::SPOILER FREE section:: The problem with gravity is that it is everywhere, so it's hard to fake it in movies. Okey, let's say I would accept the "laws of gravity" stated at the beginning of this movie as some thing that I will believe in this movie (although it is utterly bullshit). But even then, the movie fails to deliver scenes that work according to these laws. Their own laws! Why do you make up some laws of physics and then ignore them 50% of the time??

::SPOILER in this section:: The story is totally flat and fails everything. Why did he not tell her who he was? He did not know she had amnesia, so telling her who he was would have been most natural. Then he would learn she has amnesia, and he would explain it to her, or tell her something to help remember... Noooo, that would "ruin" the plot, right? Wrong! It would make the plot more realistic, if you want some twist, make something different than "random stupid decisions and not telling who I am" stuff. Also, how did they manage to get pregnant? Why does she love him? They have nothing to build their relationship upon...

::SPOILER FREE section:: The imagery was quite interesting, although not always logical, and some scenes were obviously CG'd - I mean, it was too obvious, that there is some CG in some scenes - like the jump to the cable car...

The only decent character in this movie was Timothy Spall's Bob

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