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Sherilyn Fenn as Dr. Hanna Lindval
James Remar as Martin Nakos
Graham Greene as Buffalo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 4 / 10

Tension, suspense, good kills, grizzly violence n nudity r all lacking in this film.

Saw this on a rented dvd. The poster was very convincing n so was the Alaska set up but the movie wasnt good. Period. The creature was pathetic but i will still forgive that coz of the budget. The poster had a menacing bear though. A low budget creature film without any good kills, nudity n tension is even more pathetic. Two female models r doing a bikini photo shoot in the snowy Alaska n we dont even get to see good tits. There is a lousy sex scene that too without any nudity. Most of the kills r offscreen n the grizzly violence is pathetic. In fact some of the old bear movies has better kills. Grizzly made in the 70s, n among the new ones, Backcountry n Grizzly park were decent too. I hav yet to see Into the grizzly maze. Since imdb has allowed shorter reviews, so from now on i will make a shorter review for bad horror films. Yeehaw!

Reviewed by Flow 3 / 10

Unnatural it is.

Sorry to say but I will ruin the 4 stars stats of this movie and grade it with 3! There was nothing to see here, except low budget animal/monster horror, with the same plot as always, the most typical moves possible which anyone could anticipate from miles away and the most obvious ending.

James Remar is one of my favorite actors, in my opinion completely under-appreciated, for he has so much to offer. Always doing his best on screen, he is the only reason I watched this abomination. Except him you will see nothing: no nudity, deaths, gore, just a little blood and very few glimpses of the animal itself. Do stay away. Into The Grizzly Maze wasn't the best either, even tho it had Thomas Jane but Backcountry felt more natural. If you wanna point your eye towards something familiar, look there. That's as close as you'll get into seeing something worthy.


Reviewed by davego-48776 1 / 10

Crappy stuffed trophy bear is 'monster'


Opens with a 'climate change crisis' Intro. Plot then veers completely off-topic.

Storyline: expounds almost same premise as 'The Edge' ie. city folk do photo-shoot on location in the arctic circle. Hopelessly out-of-their- depth they then run foul of a man-eating stuffed trophy animal/live grizzly bear.

Foregrounding: enter said stuffed trophy bear. An experimental subject, an actual bear is shown, gets loose in a research station that has no stated research goal. The prop from this point onward is a fluffy, plush stuffed trophy bear with maybe a bear tooth denture plate stuck in its mouth.

Development: A bear has been noticed entering the NP-2 corridors on cctv by a brilliant researcher, stroke of brilliance she hails her genius-level colleagues at their galley by intercom to warn. They are not there. The formidable scientists that she aims to warn of danger continue on a path toward their death, she persistently hails the galley intercom in her 'genuine' desperation to save them. She hails it over, and over again; a room, it happens, in which nobody is present anyway. Hollywood did NOT foresee that possibility. Yeh right.

Said scientist flees, escapes research station in panic, leaves door open ..bear escapes. Main protagonists story arc now begins...

Cliché 1950's b+w horror genre except with color. I mean, the budget is post-Silent Movie Era, pre-Star Trek/Space Family Robinson/Jaws theatre stage-prop production quality. Not much of a serious production effort in the Art department. No amount of performing art in the medium of empty space/stage is going to cover for the captured image.


Cue 'The Edge' with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin also Elle MacPheersom. It is a way better film production.

'Un-Natural' movie is a complete fraud.

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