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Noomi Rapace as Alice Racine
Orlando Bloom as Jack Alcott
John Malkovich as Bob Hunter
Michael Douglas as Eric Lasch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by leplatypus 1 / 10

Borderline to insulting (screen)

So this movie was among the hottest unproduced screenplays in 2008. So there is indeed a conspiracy going on because the movie that i watched in 2017 was just awful !

Honestly, i live in a state of emergency since 2015, i watched it just after the Manchester attack and what you seen on screen leaves you angry for all the victims…

Here the movie is just like a game : the plot is so silly that nobody can think the real ones are like this : the biological pathogen comes from Russia (who else!) and is given to an English convert who awaits the green light of an Imam before hiding it into Wembley Stadium by accomplices ready to explode with a remote control turned on by the big dark conspirator after he did his endless villain speech ???? Does the writer actually check news or just imagine what he wants ? For sure, at this level, he is very, very faraway from Clancy, Forsight, Le Carré…

Next, the action happens in London (and Paris) but it's about the firm… I always thought that the firm operated in evil countries... Now I see that their agents work in friendly ones as well... So if our own national agents are schmucks, there is no better way to say it... In addition I don't like smug and what happens inside it is shocking : the big chief played by poor Malkovich is a clown making jokes and ugly faces… That's really somebody who cares about fellows...

So, one more time, i wonder why Noomi picked up this new stinker : actually she was rather good as a social worker or as a little soldier and interrogator but as soon she has to be super agent firing guns, all the movie goes to the toilets…. And honestly, i was already tired by the poster with Noomi pointing a gun because for me, it's a proof that our culture goes down!

And ice on this acid cake, the final scene is totally outrageous : you see Noomi killing in cold blood the runaway mastermind walking in eastern Europe streets and then she is welcomed by aforementioned stupid smiling and joking Malkovich : my feelings : 1) this firm has really a wicked sense of justice without a judge ! 2) More values movies taught you that killing an enemy is bad and that's a tragedy because you become after the bad guy (Star Wars Episode III)…

Reviewed by wowhaaa 4 / 10

Spymovie with twists, a good director and good actors, what could go wrong?

Everything, in this case.

1st: Spymovie - we've seen many of these and Unlocked unlocked (huh!) every possible twists and clichés a spy-movie could offer for the viewer.

2st: Twists - like stated above,there are many, and exactly because of the huge amount of them, if you've ever watched any Mission Impossible, or Bourne movies, you will find out the next one BEFORE they even happen.

3rd: Good director, who has no superpowers to make a great movie from a "ctrl+c ctrl+v" screenplay, that is full of plot holes, non-senses, clichés. He is still doing a great job, and at least keeps the pace up, making Unlocked a somewhat watchable action-movie.

4rd: Just look at the credits, Noomi Rapace, John Malkovich, Toni Colette, Michael Douglas. Oh, I almost forgot that Orlando Bloom was in the movie, too. It's hard to use that many talent in a single movie, and despite all of the stars worth their money and doing alright, they are too much at once.


I will elaborate my statements above,and you will agree with me once you saw the movie.

Since you know it is a spy-movie, you know from the very start, that nobody can't be trusted. Everybody knows that.

Except the main character, who is a CIA interrogator and should've known better, but she seems the most clueless person in the entire world for the most part of the movie. She's been played and fooled as may times as possible.

Alright, the whole CIA isn't any better as it took them almost a day to notice that their VIP captivate with the whole CIA team escorting him did not arrive to the final destination.

Now let's see some clichés!

Michael Douglas plays the wise old mentor of the main character a la Jon Voight in the 1st M:I movie. Surprise! He will die early. Surprise! He will return later. How and why is the "main ""twist"" " in the movie so I won't tell you right away. You can find out easily on your own at the very moment he dies on screen.

More clichés are like flashbacks to (supposedly) fill up plot holes and make our jaws drop. Did not work. Silent white haired bad guy. (Lethal Weapon and Da Vinci code should ring a bell) Useless funny characters, a secret apartment to hide at with keys above the fire extinguisher etc. etc.

Let's move on to the too many stars in one movie problem. Poor Orlando Bloom who suffered the most (in my opinion). He is in the movie for like 30 minutes. During this short time he meets and makes friends with protagonist, fights alongside her, turns against her, then disappears. Yes, disappears as nobody knows for sure what happened with him but all honestly nobody will care in the end. Again, Alice was the silly one here who trusted the military trained guy who all accidentally showed up at the supposedly secret apartment in the very moment she arrived.

These moments ruin the entire movie. Also, Alice is an interrogator, still she's the one who tracks down the public enemy No.1 bad guy in the end and assassinates him which also makes zero sense.

I could go on and point out all these disturbing moments and non-senses, but you better watch it yourself. Or not, if you listened closely.

They had all the chance to make a good movie but Unlocked wanted to be much more than that. And it failed.

Reviewed by velvetcactus 8 / 10

Excellent espionage thriller

I came to this movie cold, just knowing it starred Noomi Rapace who is always watchable. Playing an interrogator who has stepped away from the front line following an incident in her pasta, she is drawn back in when a young courier is seized by the intelligence services. She adopts a different approach to her colleagues and just when you think you know how the film will play out, we learn that not all is as it seems and the film moves up a level.

To say more would be to ruin an interesting journey with a stellar cast on good form including Toni Collette, Michael Douglas & John Malkovich as well as a supporting turn from a recently underused Orlando Bloom. Former Bond director Michael Apted does a good job shooting London in a fresh light.

Don't let the negative reviews put you off seeing this film and you will be in for a twisty-turny treat

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