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Noomi Rapace as Alice Racine
Orlando Bloom as Jack Alcott
John Malkovich as Bob Hunter
Michael Douglas as Eric Lasch
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vserrol 8 / 10

very good and entertaining thriller

I felt like rating it as a ten simply to fight back against the haters, but felt that it would be hypocritical to do exactly the opposite of those who so easily award 1 or 2 stars when the movie is patently far better than that.

The action took a while to build up steam but was worth the wait. The role of Jack did feel a bit contrived but this is a bloody thriller after all. Strange that Blooms role as Jack should be criticized by many as unbelievable but his biggest role, the one that launched his career and made him famous, was that of an elf.

The reason why I actually enjoy most movies, is because I can easily suspend belief in what is (excluding documentaries, of course) after all, a story made up to entertain people.

The chief criteria for my enjoyment of a movie is, was I entertained by it? Good writing, good acting and good production values all help create the impression that I watched something worthwhile. If I am entertained by the movie, I am far more forgiving of it's minor flaws.

My wife and I discussed the reason for so much negative criticism and considered it might well be because many of the Muslims were shown to be human, an idea obviously anathema to many viewers. I myself lived in Saudi Arabia for close to 10 years and understand that good and bad reside almost equally in most humans and that it takes an act of will to force oneself to rise above bigotry, greed and selfishness. I met many Muslims who were good people by choice in my time in Saudi and also many others I hope never to meet on this or any plane of existence they might believe in.

My wife and I agree on a score of 8.

Reviewed by Gino Cox 7 / 10

An engaging spy film that tries to be politically correct

"Unlocked" offers a Byzantine plot filled with unexpected twists, a talented cast and decent production values. Many of the plot devices are familiar tropes, but some seem fresh, including a sequence involving a motorcycle and an early reversal of fortune. The story is engaging, but never quite edge-of-your-seat enthralling. At the end, it seems a worthwhile experience, but devoid of anything really fresh.

Spy films don't mix well with politically liberal ideals. The typical spy film entails extrajudicial executions, capital punishment, enhanced interrogation, kidnappings, violation of treaties, immigrants engaged in spy cells, profiling and all manner of activities that outrage liberals. This film seems to attempt to defer or pander to liberal sensitivities, while pursuing a plot that requires a right-wing mindset. The results often seem a bit awkward. Muslim immigrants have an elaborate network of sleeper cells, but some of the Muslims are good people who object to their religion of peace being subverted by extremists. Most immigrants are hard-working, but need help acclimating to local customs. Women are just as capable, or more so, as intelligence officers. They are dedicated, less likely to betray their country and capable of going head-to-head in unarmed combat against two opponents who each outweigh them by half. The real villains aren't the peace- loving Muslms, but the hard line extremists in our own governments who manipulate our enemies for political gain. At several points in the film, it feels as if the filmmakers are pausing the action to present homework assignments from a community college course in civics.

The script is not entirely satisfying dramatically. In addition to distracting political subtext, too many characters know too much about future events. The protagonist doesn't seem to need to work very hard to uncover things. There are a lot of coincidences. The protagonist more often seems to be knocked about by events, rather than driving them. There are too many remorseless murderers willing to employ weapons of mass destruction for a price. At least three significant characters may have died, but we're not entirely certain.

Overall, it's an engaging movie that might have been better if it invested less effort in trying to be politically correct.

Reviewed by leplatypus 1 / 10

Borderline to insulting (screen)

So this movie was among the hottest unproduced screenplays in 2008. So there is indeed a conspiracy going on because the movie that i watched in 2017 was just awful !

Honestly, i live in a state of emergency since 2015, i watched it just after the Manchester attack and what you seen on screen leaves you angry for all the victims…

Here the movie is just like a game : the plot is so silly that nobody can think the real ones are like this : the biological pathogen comes from Russia (who else!) and is given to an English convert who awaits the green light of an Imam before hiding it into Wembley Stadium by accomplices ready to explode with a remote control turned on by the big dark conspirator after he did his endless villain speech ???? Does the writer actually check news or just imagine what he wants ? For sure, at this level, he is very, very faraway from Clancy, Forsight, Le Carré…

Next, the action happens in London (and Paris) but it's about the firm… I always thought that the firm operated in evil countries... Now I see that their agents work in friendly ones as well... So if our own national agents are schmucks, there is no better way to say it... In addition I don't like smug and what happens inside it is shocking : the big chief played by poor Malkovich is a clown making jokes and ugly faces… That's really somebody who cares about fellows...

So, one more time, i wonder why Noomi picked up this new stinker : actually she was rather good as a social worker or as a little soldier and interrogator but as soon she has to be super agent firing guns, all the movie goes to the toilets…. And honestly, i was already tired by the poster with Noomi pointing a gun because for me, it's a proof that our culture goes down!

And ice on this acid cake, the final scene is totally outrageous : you see Noomi killing in cold blood the runaway mastermind walking in eastern Europe streets and then she is welcomed by aforementioned stupid smiling and joking Malkovich : my feelings : 1) this firm has really a wicked sense of justice without a judge ! 2) More values movies taught you that killing an enemy is bad and that's a tragedy because you become after the bad guy (Star Wars Episode III)…

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