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Liam Neeson as Dr. Martin Harris
January Jones as Elizabeth Harris
Diane Kruger as Gina
Aidan Quinn as Martin B
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Reviewed by aguynameddrew 9 / 10

Great Action Thriller

I just watched this for a second time. Great story line, good backdrop location (Berlin), and solid acting. I was particularly drawn to the relatively minor role of Ernst Jurgen played to chilling effect by Bruno Ganz. If you like the Action Thriller genre i can't imagine you'd be disappointed with this underrated gem. At the time of writing this review the rating is 6.9 but i gave it a 9.

Reviewed by ildsol 6 / 10

Entertaining paranoid action thriller, though not among the greats of the genre

The build-up is exciting: Someone has stolen the identity and life of the protagonist ... or is he, himself, going insane? Martin Harris (the ever reliable Liam Neeson) explains the struggle in his mind as: "a war between being told who you are and knowing who you are." The premise is followed by great action scenes and twists and turns to keep you guessing most of the way. A movie like this, however, ends well by keeping suspension of disbelief on a tight leash, for the viewer to really invest emotionally. The third act, unfortunately, looses the grip. Where genre classics like The Fugitive (1993) and The Game (1997) held the viewer fast to the heart-pounding end, Unknown Identity ends up increasingly far-fetched, and it eventually couldn't keep me truly caring about the story.


Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

Worth staying known

'Unknown' won't be everybody's cup of tea, something that is clear from reading the reviews and the mixed critical reception for it. It did have good potential, with an idea that although very familiar seemed interesting and the always watchable (and more often than not very good) Liam Neeson is enough to peak anyone's interest.

Potential that wasn't quite lived up to fully. Enough of 'Unknown' does work, or at least to me it did (not everybody will agree and that's fine by me), but also from personal opinion what could have been a pretty good film turned out to be an above average but uneven one that could have done much more with what it had. It entertains and intrigues, but doesn't wow.

Mostly 'Unknown' is a good looking film. the cinematography is slick and stylish, that and the suitably bleak setting often adding to the atmosphere created, and the lighting is moody and neither garish or drab. Editing is mostly tight. It's nicely scored, not intrusive but having presence, and the direction is solid.

There is enough taut suspense and fun to keep one gripped and a few interesting twists. The action excites and the more dramatic scenes don't fall into the trap of losing momentum. Liam Neeson is likeable and commanding, while charming Diane Kruger and an immensely engaging Bruno Ganz as the most interesting character fare best of the rest of the cast. Frank Langhella similarly makes his mark, although his role is small.

Sadly, there are exceptions to the acting, with Aidan Quinn blandly uncharismatic in his role. Worse is January Jones, playing her character as too much of the frostiest ice queen which to me seemed a wildly inappropriate approach to her character. The characters generally are pretty sketchy and too much of the dialogue is hammy and vague.

While enough of the film grips, it does get preposterous, credibility-straining and less clear in story in the later stages up until the final twist and ending that is neither clever, original or satisfying. In the busier moments, the photography/editing tended to go wayward and look rushed rather than the controlled and slick film most of the film has.

In summary, decent if unexceptional film that's worth staying known. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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