Unicorn City


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Jon Gries as Shadowhawk
Steve Berg as Pat
Jaclyn Hales as Marsha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 7 / 10

Where the video games come alive.

If you read the title correctly, you would think it's a little kid's film, especially for girls. Even the title design gives the same impression, more like a fairytale. But shockingly, this film was very different. This is about the gamers, the people who are crazy about video games. It was like a comic con, the film characters decide to create a utopia for the gamer with their favourite gaming characters. So they gather outskirt of the town and when everything was going well, they bump into a series of trouble, especially the founder of it. Coming out of it is the rest of the film to reveal.

It is not my favourite, but one of the best B movies I have seen and a bit refreshing. My appreciation is according to how they managed to give this product with the limited financial support. The quality of the film was so good. The performances were well recognisable. Since it was a comedy, sometimes the flaws are gone unnoticed. Not a bad attempt for the first time direction. Though the story was easy, predictable, but still enjoyable. Surely some people will find it good, even better than I did, so I hope this film reaches them instead of those who criticise it.


Reviewed by TheBlueHairedLawyer 8 / 10

Funniest Film Since Uncle Buck and Fido!

Unicorn City is a funny comedy about roleplaying nerds whose entire lives revolve around their lame fantasy worlds. Marsha is friends with Voss, but secretly loves him and he won't get her hints. While trying to get a job to pay the rent, he proves he can manage a team by creating a fantasy utopia of elves, warlocks, centaurs, trolls and knights, a world which he calls 'Unicorn City'. Meanwhile a creepy old man, ShadowHawk, is jealous and trying to compete, plotting to be rid of this new roleplaying experiment and claiming Marsha for himself.

Unicorn City has its moments, some of the more hilarious being a man with a refrigerator strapped to his back and horse legs taped to the end (a centaur), a tramp dressed as a genie who shows up to roleplay, the fat comic relief character Clancy and two bumbling cops who try to arrest these geeks because they think they're loitering and plotting some criminal activities. I wish they hadn't put in the whole environmental hippie crud message about the Superfund site and the ground being poison where the nerds had set up their game, but eh, what're you gonna do? It was a minor annoyance, the rest of the film was great. There was swearing, but not too much to overtake the movie. The acting was decent and the soundtrack was funny. It appears to take place in Arizona but I'm not certain.

I don't roleplay and some of my friends do, so they found this film offensive to their hobbies (obsessions), but really it's just a comedy, it isn't declaring that all of these gamers are this way, it just depicts the extreme ones in a comedic light. I think this is a hilarious movie and I think others would find it just as funny as I did.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 6 / 10

This one is definitely for the gamers...

I happened to come across "Unicorn City" by sheer random luck, and decided that I had to give it a go, especially since I have been playing D&D for some odd 28 years or so by now.

"Unicorn City" is fun for what it is, and I had to look past the whole LARP (live action role-playing) part, because I really don't grasp the concept of that. That being said, then the movie is entertaining and it does have a good story at heart. While it was no "Zero Charisma" or "Knights of Badassdom" it was its own style and held up its own right.

The story is essentially about Voss (played by Devin McGinn) who is kicked out of a local gaming group at the gaming store by their game master Shadowhawk (played by Jon Gries). In his quest to apply for an available at Warlocks of the Beach (yeah, the D&D fans will definitely get that pun) Voss sets out to start a utopia for gamers.

While "Unicorn City" is, what I would assume, a low budget movie, there is just something grander to the production value. The movie makers really pulled it off quite nicely with this movie. And the enthusiasm and levels of commitment by the actors and actresses also really helped add to that.

The people in the movie were doing great jobs with their given roles, and I was more than impressed by the fact that they had managed to get Jon Gries to be in the movie. He carried his role so nicely and really lifted up the movie quite a lot.

The costumes were fairly LARP-ish, but the whole centaur design that was just brilliant. I had such a laugh at that. Not because it was ridiculous, but because it was a stroke of amateurish genius.

If you are a gamer, be it pen & paper, LARP, online, etc. then you should give "Unicorn City" a view, because it is the kind of comedy that will put a genuine smile on your face.

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