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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 55651


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Shelley Hennig as Blaire
Will Peltz as Adam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ryanc-16756 10 / 10

10\10 would do it again

Best movie you guys are kidding me watch this movie right now

Reviewed by BoxFroggy 1 / 10

pure trash

I would have gotten 600% more enjoyment out of watching and hour long compilation of pewdiepie just screaming, constantly, nothing else but him screaming

Reviewed by kurt_cobain_2794 1 / 10

And hour and a half of unlikable people dying

Unfriended is another dime a dozen found footage horror movie, but this time it takes place from a computer screen while 5 "teens" Skype each other with a ghost killing them one by one. However, it's a boring, run of the mill jump scare fest with nothing else to offer outside of... actually, no, it has nothing to offer, nothing new or interesting. All the characters are unlikable and do nothing except curse out, insult, and otherwise act like horrible people to one another, so you feel nothing when they're all eventually killed off. The premise is interesting on paper but is executed super poorly, either with long plodding silent scenes of watching people read things off their screens or garbled "webcam" footage as people die. The death scenes are also hard to follow, with one apparently dying from a seizure, I had to rewatch the scene numerous times but couldn't never tell what was happening. I can't recommend this film, in fact I suggest if you see it, destroy it, take the disc and crack it in half, you'll have a better time watching the disc break than you would watching the movie it contain.

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