Unfinished Business


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 27140


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Sienna Miller as Chuck Portnoy
James Marsden as Jim Spinch
Dave Franco as Mike Pancake
Vince Vaughn as Dan Trunkman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gaykathleen 8 / 10

Loyalty and overcoming obstacles

After five or ten minutes my husband said turn it off but I waited. At the end of the movie he was laughing and had enjoyed it very much. The acting was solid and convincing. So, sit back and go with the flow. It is about a man who leaves his job to start his own company albeit quite small. The characters are endearing including his wife and two children and two employees. His younger employee is sweet and simple but shows he can do the job. It is about loyalty to family and the people you work with and having fun. Life has possibilities and obstacles can be overcome. I bordered on giving it a seven but thought it was worth a bit more.

Reviewed by benkarklins 7 / 10

I ACTUALLY enjoyed it!

So, I don't know why this has such a negative rating on Netflix and IMDb. I mean, I do know why...it's predictable and uses an outdated template for feel good movies. But it still makes you feel GOOD. Which is the whole point, right? I mean, who doesn't like Vince Vaughn? He's gold. Anyway, I thought this definitely deserved an up vote. If you find yourself rooting for the good guys then the movie makers have done their job. Solid 7/10

Reviewed by jtindahouse 4 / 10

Doesn't work on any level

Vince Vaughn is such a misunderstood commodity. Film makers seem to think of him as a Seth Rogen type actor, where you can just give him any old script and he will improvise enough to make it work. Rogen can do that, Vaughn can not. When Vaughn is at his best is in films like 'Old School' and 'Wedding Crashers' where he has both a very strong script and also very strong comedic actors around him for him to play off. That's what he does best, play off other actors with perfect biting sarcasm. 'Unfinished Business' does and not have a strong script, and even more so it certainly does not have a strong cast. This was a complete misfire.

I think I briefly chuckled once the entire film. There was simply nothing funny going on here. What's more it was often quite depressing. There are a lot of story arcs that are an absolute downer and have no place being in a comedy film. Dave Franco was also absolutely dreadful. He played one of the worst character I can ever remember seeing in a film. The brain dead character can be funny ('Dumb and Dumber' perfected it) , but here it was just another depressing element to the film. I felt genuinely sorry for the character, he was going to have a very hard life. That's not something that ever crossed my mind in 'Dumb and Dumber'. Tom Wilkinson was also an absolute waste of space. He offered nothing in the comedy department, and nothing in any other compartment for that matter. The script gave these guys nothing, but they also didn't do themselves any favours.

This is a horrible movie from start to finish. I think it was trying to be a raunchy, fun, party film while also having a heart. Unfortunately, even the raunchy scenes are dull and lacking in creativity. There really isn't any thing to like here. Even if you're a huge Vaughn fan, give this one a miss. It will only taint him for you.

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