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Mirjana Jokovic as Natalija / Actress playing Natalija
Predrag Manojlovic as Marko / Actor playing Marko
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cocoscacao 10 / 10

The vastness of the subject....

So many complex subjects are crammed into this masterpiece. Friendship, love, personal gain, betrayal, politics, beliefs, war, peace, family, the diversity of human nature... And all of that drives the story of this movie. It isn't about neither of these things exactly, it's about how all of those things combine together under oscillating circumstances... It is a movie about our lives. Our lives as different individuals, roles that we play in it, and our life as a society. As I said in the beggining, it's crammed with complex subjects.

Many here mention that it describes Balkan region during certain period of history, and while this is partialy true, the characters and the story can be projected to any part of the world. There aren't things here that you won't grasp, just because you aren't a man/woman from Balkans.

The ending is especially good, because from my viewpoint, it represents death in a very specific and deep way.

Real, surreal, dark, funny, and most importantly, it will remain very relevant, even in distant future.


Reviewed by richard-47096 10 / 10

All time favourite

Both a tragedy and a comedy this movie is a must see for everyone who likes this genre. I've seen it a dozen times and it still makes me laugh out loud. The casting is really well done. The plot turn is surprising. And the gypsy style music of Goran Bregovic is lifting the movie to a higher level. After seeing this movie I became a big fan of his complete oeuvre as well as of the music by Goran Bregovic. I play it all the time, and it's perfect music for weddings and funerals (as one of his album is called).

Reviewed by Per Johnsen 10 / 10

One Of The Best Films Ever Made!

I occasionally refer to my personal top 100 list of films. Underground is a true masterpiece and No.2 on that list, only beaten by a somehow underrated, let the also stunning Bad Boy Bubby. I frankly have hard to believe there ever will be produced films of their format anymore, still I hope to be wrong about that. If anyone could do it, it's Underground's director Emir Kusturica.

The film is working as a large satiric metaphoric live screen painting of the history of Yugoslavia, and was also made as a tribute during the Balkan War, and a definite anti war epic poem. Not unlike the also brilliant film Goodbye Lenin it's in a manner based on people still believing in the past, that the world hasn't really changed. And in this film their lives are also happening according to the story's title. I will avoid spoilers, but only state that this film creation is only made possible due to Kusturica's genius and taste for the best of Balkan culture. He is working the great lot of amazing, almost unbelievable characters, into a story so wild and full of symbols, it's sometimes hard to breath. The scenography and pictures are more than stunning, and together with crazy choreography and the most vivid Serbian brass music, it all culminates into a higher form of art, beyond normal film and theater. It simply is impossible not to both laugh and cry.

If I could give it 12 stars I would, so if you haven't seen Underground, go for it as soon as possible. And get as many as possible to join you. If you didn't like or understand it, try again or I recommend you to quit watching film. Just now I've got a DVD copy and am really looking forward to see it again.

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