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Fran Drescher as Pamela Finklestein
Michael Richards as Stanley Spadowski
'Weird Al' Yankovic as George Newman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Brooks 7 / 10

Funny. Full stop.

Well there isn't a whole lot more to say really. With a lead character played by Weird Al Yankovic, you basically need to build a framework around him to make sure the film doesn't come across as really just a 1,5 hour long sketch.

There's a bit of story here, and well it's easily enough and fine in itself for this sort of film, after all the point isn't to give a textbook example of how to structure a film brilliantly, the point is to laugh and have fun. But there are still rules to achieve that.

So they do well at producing the right environment for the main funny people, Weird Al and Michael Richards, to go fully bananas and have a platform to channel their comedic effort. At the core of it, it's a lot of various independent sketches, and most of them are funny. The rest of the film is funny. It plays out well enough, and well if anything it's a little bit underrated and is a bit of a cult classic.

Reviewed by andy-33306 8 / 10

Weird Al: The MOVIE!

There are not a lot of words to describe the strange, yet hilarious movie that is UHF. Weird Al is one of my favorite musical talents, and this movie feels like one of his songs with a beginning, a climax, and a conclusion. This movie knows it's cheesy so it goes full force on being a crazy, zany experience for the audience.

My favorite scene in the movie is definitely "Town Talk with George Newman". Probably because of "Lesbian Nazi Hookers captured by UFO's and forced into weight-loss programs. This week on Town Talk." It's such a surreal scene because it just cuts from another scene to that like you should've expected it.

In conclusion, if you a fan of the 80's or Weird Al, this movie is a must see!

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 5 / 10

Silly but fun...

"UHF" is a comedy that you can watch again and again with a couple of years in between. It is a silly movie which includes elements of spoofs in the likes of "Hot Shots" and "Scary Movie".

The story is about George and Bob whom are fired from a fastfood restaurant and end up running a small local TV station. As they come up with wacky TV shows their station grows in popularity, a thing that does not sit well with the TV mogul of another TV station. And with the threat of being bought out, George has to raise a lot of money in order to stay on the air.

Now, there are better comedies available for sure, but "UHF" does offer some good laughs in the company of "Weird Al" Yankovic, Michael Richards, Fran Drescher and Kevin McCarthy.

The spoofs on other movies were quite hilarious, especially the one made on "Rambo".

If you enjoy comedy, and have nothing else to watch, give "UHF" a chance, it might just be what you are looking for.

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