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Eddie Marsan as James
Olivia Colman as Hannah
Peter Mullan as Joseph
Ned Dennehy as Tommy
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Reviewed by rdoyle29 9 / 10

An incredible piece of work

Paddy Considine's directorial debut stars Peter Mullan as a violent, hard-drinking widower who cannot control his extremely self-destructive outbursts of violent anger. He meets Olivia Colman who works at a Christian charity shop, and her influence seems to calm him ... somewhat. Colman is far from stable herself, as she has been trying to deal with her husband Eddie Marsan's increasingly bizarre, violent and unstable behavior. This is a bleak film. It establishes just how bleak it is in the first few minutes probably shedding most viewers with an incredibly unfair and heartbreaking burst of violence. It's an incredibly rewarding film though featuring three of the bravest, most deeply committed performances I have seen in quite some time. It ultimately involves change, but very slight change offering a really small degree of uplift.

Reviewed by Incredulous 9 / 10

Incredible Pathos

Both the main actors should be congratulated and Olivia Colman nails the "vulnerability" aspect completely. Such honesty.

Likewise, Peter Mullen's honesty in his portrayal is like something seldom seen. He portrays without caricature. This is a character who seldom yields, so much so that when his humanity is revealed, no matter its warts, it is moving--- and Mullan makes that utterly believable.

Reviewed by Daniel Elford 9 / 10

Complex and tender, yet tough to get through

Paddy Considine directs a surprisingly fierce film about "redemption in the darkest of places" with Tyrannosaur. Joseph is a seriously damaged, raging man, already well on his way down the spiral, when he walks into a Christian charity shop, run by Hannah. It becomes clear that neither of them are what we perceive them to be, both hiding deep personal scars, and both dealing with those scars in ways that could not be more extremely different. As unlikey a pair as they seem, they find something in each other they didn't realise they were looking for, or had perhaps simply stopped believing could exist in another person.

This is an 18 for a reason; it has moments that are pretty tough, sexual violence and violence towards animals included, and the film deals with subject matter that some may find difficult to bear with, but if you can, 'Tyrannosaur' turns out to be a film by which you are deeply moved, and on which you can't help but reflect. The film works as a lesson to us all on the damage we can cause with our pre-conceived notions about others, acknowledging the truth that we are never black and white. Despite the fact I feel no desire to sit through it again, it is a highly recommended watch, not least due to the two leads: Peter Mullan is terrific, and Olivia Colman (Green Wing, Peep Show, Hot Fuzz) took my breath away with an astonishing turn as Hannah; she delivers everything with weight and complexity. She is absolutely perfect. Where was her Oscar nod?

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