Two Mules for Sister Sara


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Romance / War / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
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Clint Eastwood as Hogan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexandre michel liberman (tmwest) 8 / 10

The gunfighter helps the nun and vice versa.

The famous critic Pauline Kael in an interview mentioned that the opinion about a film sometimes changes according to the time that the film is viewed. A film that might be great when seen for the first time ten years later might seem completely outdated and vice versa. 'Two Mules' is a western that was released at a time that the public wanted something else. What they wanted was Clint Eastwood 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly' style, and that was what he kept doing for the next years. 'Two Mules' was considered a failure, specially because of Shirley MacLaine that did not fit into the standard Eastwood pattern. Nowadays the story is different, the film is worth seeing, specially because of MacLaine. Most of the time they are together and it works very well, Eastwood is less serious than usual and it is very funny how he tries to understand how a nun thinks. The music by Morriconne has a comic touch and together with the wild creatures that are shown on the screen like a scorpion, a rattlesnake, a mountain lion gives a great beginning. The final part does not keep the same level, but those two great actors and their funny relationship are quite enough to make this a very good film. The script of the film was originally written by Budd Boetticher while he was filming "Aruzza" in Mexico. He needed money very badly to complete "Aruzza" so he sold the script, and got very upset later on when they did not make the film the way he wanted.

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 6 / 10

a boisterous, above-average Hollywood fluff

Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood's second collaboration jocousely teams Eastwood's Leone-sque soldier-of-fortune Hogan (scarcely changing his apparel and paraphernalia from Leone's Dollars Trilogy) with Shirley MacLaine's sister Sara against an extensive western landscape, to fight for a good cause, aiding Mexico's Juarista rebels to assail the colonial French army during 1860s.

Let's just turn a blind eye on the self-conscious revisionist stance about colonialism, the movie's appeal is right on its game when conjuring up the odd pairing of a devout nun and a cynical atheist, from a skin-baring introduction of Sara, on the point of being gang-raped, to the reveal of her votary attire which amusingly takes Hogan aback, until they soften their discrepancy and clearly Hogan is swept off his feet by her prim but valiant defiance. And the cunning machination to keep a lid on the real identity of a heart-of-gold Sara is well-wrought through her unfeigned piety and devotion (including a Christian burial for her assaulters), but Siegel slyly leaves small clues to insinuate there is something iffy in train - Sara's secretive cigar-smoking and she apparently makes no bones about uttering one particular profane word - to keep audience intrigued, and Ms. MacLaine makes Sara a ballsy heroine through and through, she will soon proactively return the favor to save Eastwood's perpetually squinting Hogan, not once but twice, and successfully pulls the wool over his (and our) eyes as a hardened, trestle-climbing partisan who is off-limits to no man but God himself.

Alas, what the film (predictably yet regretfully) fails to make right is the ill-treatment of the Mexican counterpart, it is a story happening in their land, but the movie never for one second, delves into their mindset, Col, Beltrán (Fábregas) is a one-note cipher and his army is a bunch of rabbles, not to mention that the climatic garrison-sallying action pieces are starkly rinky-dink and finish in abruptness, but a grace note is maestro Morricone's lilting and clanging accompaniments, ever so pervasive in a boisterous, above-average Hollywood fluff.

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 8 / 10

Super cute, great chemistry

This one is one of my favorite young Clint Eastwood movies. Movies are supposed to be entertaining, right? And what's more entertaining than watching a hunky guy and a pretty girl? Clint Eastwood is rugged and rough (duh) as his usual cowboy self, and in Two Mules for Sister Sara, he rescues the cutest little nun in the desert, Shirley MacLaine! The nun and the cowboy team up and develop a friendship. . .and perhaps more. The movie is super cute, romantic, and quite funny. If I liked it—and I'm usually bored to tears by westerns—you will, too! Lots of eye candy, lots of jokes, and absolutely fantastic ending! The chemistry between the two is absolutely sizzling; I never read that Shirley and Clint had an affair during the filming, but they certainly were cute together. Just look at some backstage pictures—if that isn't love in her eyes, I don't know what is!

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