Two Moon Junction


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
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Milla Jovovich as Samantha
Sherilyn Fenn as April
Richard Tyson as Perry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jking-08939 10 / 10

Best erotic movie ever

If you like your erotic movies, Two Moon Junction is a must see... It centres around April (played brilliantly by Sherilyn Fenn in her first outing in a lead role) and her journey of sexual awaking from bashful shy debutante to confident sexual predictor. The love interest for April is Perry (played by Richard Tyson) who starts the film as everything April is not, confident, seductive and daring. The two start of a world wind affair which changes both their lives of ever. The casting of Sherilyn Fenn as April by Zalman King was inspired, and you will not see a better performance in a leading role for an erotic movie. Fenn has an incredible ability to make the audience feel what April is feeling and this is never better portrayed than in the films various love scenes. The scenes are so intense that I have heard fans argue as to whether Fenn & Tyson are actually having sex. This intensity is entirely injected by Fenn however. During the scenes Tyson rarely speaks or even moves and it is left to Fenn to completely carry the scenes which she does brilliantly. Two Moon Junction is an amazing movie and in this reviewers opinion, Sherilyn Fenn's finest hour...

Reviewed by deickos 8 / 10


This movie manages to tell again the Romeo and Juliet story - a couple and the whole world against them - and it is so entertaining at the same time. So much that we almost forget how serious things are: death waits everywhere but fortunately does not ever come during our story. That is the best life can get as it seems, and that is non fun.

Reviewed by Luxurious 1 / 10

Everything about this movie sucks

It deserves less than a one to be honest.

Let's dissect this...

The woman

Why does she not want her husband? He's decent looking, rich, and nice. I guess he's pretty boring, but still. Why would she even want to leave him? I could honestly understand her if he were ugly, but he's not!

Also, I think she has low self-esteem, or she was sheltered. She is an attractive thin white woman with blond hair and blue eyes (standard of beauty) and she's rich. If she wanted an affair, she can have her share of attractive an decent men.

The guy

He doesn't take no for an answer, ugly, creepy, and a violent jerk. The first red flag was at the carnival, he wouldn't take no for an answer. Nothing annoys me more than a persistent guy that keeps on going after you have made it clear that you're either in a relationship or don't want him. I literally lied and said I had a boyfriend to a guy that was asking me out, and he questioned, "what's his name?" Like, screw off man, I don't owe you an explanation! Rant aside, this isn't romantic, this is plain annoying. I'm totally on the side of the rich fiancé.

He even broke into her house to take a shower, which is beyond creepy. She, however, decides to sleep with him. I also like how she was shocked later on that he was a jerk who flirts with random women. Like??? How is that shocking? He remained consistent throughout the movie, which is a jerk. At a point in the movie, I wasn't even mad at him anymore. She let him treat her that way.

What's with the movies of this time having grudge sex scenes and love of bad boys. *Looks up astrology transits of that time* Scorpio in Uranus, makes so much sense. Love of hot and cold, along with sex and fighting.

Edit: I hate this problematic trope. Get the boring and nice rich guy, or the mean, but fun, poor guy. Let's go into the surface of this. Not rich guys are boring and/or nice, and not all poor guys are mean and/or fun. Some rich guys love to travel and do fun events (outdoors, travel, eating, music, dance, etc). Some poor guys aren't into all of that. Then we go deeper. It's asking women to settle and implying that nice people are boring. Just because you're nice, doesn't mean you're boring. Plenty of nice people go out, socialize, do sports, dance, go to concerts, etc. Some boring people keep to themselves. It's also asking women to settle, and for the poor choice at that. When asked if I would have a nice boring rich guy or fun, but mean, poor guy, I would choose the boring rich guy. Sure he's boring, but I can use his money to have fun on my own if it comes down to it. Though I would mostly likely just get a wealthy guy that I have a lot in common with.

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