Turn the River


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by M MALIK 4 / 10

The Most Uninteresting Famke Janssen Film Ever

we all know what a great actress Famke Janssen is i became a fan when i saw her in Goldeneye 1995 & later in X-Men she did a lot of films before this and after this that are very good to watch but this project is straight dull.

this film is not about a swimming pool its about pool the famous game but more then that pool plays a small part this more about character study then story itself for those expecting some Jason Statham type action stuff will be disappointed as it is very slow & mainly dialog oriented.

the plot:Kailey is a pool player who makes a plan to participates in pool tournaments just to make more money & use fake documents to travel to Canada with her son who lives his father but will this plan work.

this is something is something i should also mention why Kailey is trying to kidnap her own son well its simple the father Kailey's ex husband is aggressive towards the son,she lover her son like all mothers but she also makes a mistake and gave up her own son when he was born and now when he is grown up a bit she wants him back but why would she do that now this is something i will not spoil its a hidden secret.

the cast:all actors are passable except Famke Janssen her performance is amazing as always her timing is awesome she understands the character too deep i did expect her to beat some bad guys up here but none of those scenes come.

this was an uninteresting,slow paced & to be honest a kind of boring film and not for everyone so overall if you are a fan of Famke Janssen watch Turn The River 2007 my rating is 4/10.

Reviewed by jackasstrange 4 / 10

Average at times, but mostly very uninteresting

Turn the River can be described as a revenge drama. However, the theme of the film itself is not that interesting, certainly because it's a big cliché. However, this is the first film that i ever saw which take very seriously snook. I really don't give a dawn about that game, but anyways...it's a relatively 'original' idea. But apart from that, there is really nothing interesting about that film. The story concept, as i already mentioned is a cliché. And i really do not like low budget films which don't have nothing interesting to add. So maybe this is why i didn't like that much the B films. Rarely a Reservoir Dogs kind of B films appears. Back to the film, which explanations about the reasons of the revenge aren't really clever. It's a crucial element in any revenge film. All we'd know is that she wants to retrieve her son and escape with him. Not convincing. So. Yeah. That's not a worthy film, unless if you'd like snook, i suppose. 4.5/10

Reviewed by intelearts 7 / 10

Good character study with a bit of a Rounders feel to it

Nice character study of a female pool player whose life is going in smaller and smaller circles and simply wants out, but knows no way to get out.

Excellent performances from Famke Janssen who brings a real underplayed performance, and particularly Rip Torn, who I normally tolerate - as it always seems to be a variation of the MIB character - here he plays the pool hall owner and gives a very good performance indeed - nicely underplayed.

The plot of pool player trying to find meaning in her life with her estranged son is good - but the film is at its best when it's playing pool - just wish there had been more and more of that - very nice. The hustling is never glamorized and feels authentic and kind of grubby.

All in all a nice small indie movie that delivers a satisfying character study of the type normally given to guys - and for that alone it is notable.

For first time director Chris Eigeman whose previous acting credits are more in the romantic comedy line or TV shows - this ain't bad at all...

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