Turks & Caicos


Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Ralph Fiennes as Alec Beasley
Helena Bonham Carter as Margot Tyrrell
Winona Ryder as Melanie Fall
Bill Nighy as Johnny Worricker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by saminbarbate 2 / 10

Words fail me

It is not often that the sheer dreadfulness of a movie can keep me glued to the sofa, but this nonsense did.

It started badly, went downhill then like a firework spluttered to a end. There is not a line spoken by any of the leading actors that looked like it was not being read off a teleprompter, a finer example of dreadful direction & waste of acting talent is rarely seen, I would go so far as to say that each of the 'stars' look like they were trying to get over a monumental bender, & the beyond wooden acting is almost a joy to behold. The few shining moments in the movie are only evident in those actors who are playing the locals.

I couldn't bring myself to give this a 1 rating, but this has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Reviewed by dierregi 4 / 10

Our man in Turks & Caicos

... or "A series of fortunate events". This is part two of a trilogy about Johnny Warricker, a disgraced secret service agent, who was forced to leave England to hide from his powerful enemies. However, each movie is sort of self-standing.

According to Johnny, Turks & Caicos was the destination of the first flight out of the UK, when he had to leave the country in a hurry. How lucky for him that his first choice was not a cheap flight to Bucharest or Tenerife, but the very upmarket British protectorate in the Caribbean.

From the lush island, the plot unravels, following a series of circumstances that could be easily described as very improbable.

First: a CIA agent passing by a beach where Johnny lounges, happens to recognize him and to ask his help for an operation.

Second: the CIA operation/job/mission is about the same dirty deeds Johnny was investigating in London and that caused his downfall. Thanks to the CIA, Johnny has the chance of doing more damage. Fancy that...

Third: Johnny's ex girlfriend is a high-level employee of the company the CIA is investigating and her boss readily discloses top secret information to her, just because she asked him. What are the chances?

Anyhow, thanks to all these "chances" Johnny manages to cover up a murder, get back with his ex, re- distribute some dirty money, fool the CIA and move towards new adventures.

Still, good entertainment for a cold Thursday night.

Reviewed by Roedy Green 7 / 10


This movie keeps you guessing. What are the various characters really up to? Can they be trusted? What are they trying to do?

I had a problem telling the two lead females apart. They look similar. They keep changing the makeup, hairstyles and makeup. For while, I thought there were three different women.

The soundtrack is a wonderful melange of accents from all over the world. Turks and Caicos is a tropical paradise.

The basic plot involves extorting $200 million from the bad guys. I did not understand how this was supposed to stop the bad guys, who got to keep the money, why the Bill Nigh character risked his life to participate. I was puzzled why the bad guys did not kill the extortionists.

This movie is a bit like being a child, sitting on the floor, under the table, listening to some serious adult conversation, only glimpsing a bit of what it was all about. It fun not to have everything explained ham- fistedly.

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