Turkey Shoot


Action / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Olivia Hussey as Chris Walters
Steve Railsback as Paul Anders
Michael Craig as Charles Thatcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ShellyM 7 / 10

A Very Black Comedy

I first saw this movie over thirty years ago, and if not for the frightening subject matter would have passed for a very black comedy. The film is set sometime in a dystopian future, where 'deviants', those who oppose the New World Order Government are sent to concentration camps. Camp 47, is such a camp in this movie and is ran by a cold blooded sociopath named Thatcher (who undoubtedly would have been tried for war crimes in other circumstances), and his equally cold blooded guests.

For the first half of Turkey Shoot, our hapless trio of Steve, Lynda and Olivia (who apparently was really miserable during filming) are subjected to all sorts of tribulations, including witnessing two horrific executions, attempted rape and Steve Railsback's character, Paul Anders is placed into a cage where his musculoskeletal system is put under an enormous strain.

This film is violent, it is gory, and yes, some F Bombs are dropped. Not for the faint hearted. Some characters are more sympathetic than others, particularly Rita (Lynda Stoner), Chris (Olivia Hussey and Paul (Steve Railsback) Bill Young's character Griff deserves an honorable mention here as well. Given today's climate, however, Turkey Shoot is a cautionary tale about how the world could end up like this and camps such as Camp 47 could exist.

Reviewed by grantss 3 / 10

Quite weak and farcical, even by the low standards of the genre

In a totalitarian country, any subversives, undesirables and "deviants" are sent to a prison camp to be rehabilitated and reeducated. The camp is run in fascist fashion, with guards torturing and killing prisoners for sport. Their pinnacle of the guards oppression is an event where a select band of prisoners are set free in the surrounding bush, to be hunted by the guards and special guests for sport - the Turkey Shoot.

Quite trashy with very low production values, but you know this going in - this is, after all, a B-grade exploitation movie. However, Turkey Shoot is pretty bad even by that genre's standards.

Basic, lame plot. Really not much too it. There is some intrigue about how the prisoners escape their ordeal, but it becomes quite predictable, quite quickly.

Some incredibly stupid, implausible scenes - the writers and director weren't even trying to make things seem realistic. For example, man has his legs crushed by a bulldozer. Blood magically starts gushing from his chest and mouth. Now I'm no doctor but that seems medically impossible.

Then there's the performances. They're largely of the ultra-hammy variety, with the actor who played the whip-cracking chief guard particularly bad.

However, Olivia Hussey puts in a good performance, especially considering the script and direction she had to work with, and is about the only good thing about the movie. She looks distinctly out of place in this movie, being a decent actor and having starred in movies like Romeo and Juliet and Death on the Nile. Her career must have been in a massive slump for her to agree to appear in this.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Hutning humans in the near future down under

In a totalitarian near future any citizens who are considered deviants, nonconformists, or socially undesirable in any way are rounded up in prison camps for rehabilitation and hunted down like animals by decadent rich folks. Among the unwilling individuals forced to participate in this ghastly blood sport are strong-minded rebel Paul Anders (the always intense Steve Railsback), sweet innocent Chris Walters (a personable portrayal by the ravishing Olivia Hussey), and enticing tramp Rita Daniels (a nicely saucy turn by fetching blonde Lynda Stoner).

Aussie exploitation expert Brian Trenchard-Smith keeps the entertaining story moving along at a brisk pace, delivers a handy helping of delightfully excessive and outrageous gore, maintains a blithely trashy tone throughout, adds several amusing moments of pitch-black gallows humor, and even offers a satisfying smattering of tasty gratuitous nudity. This film further benefits from a colorful array of cruel and hateful villains: Michael Craig as ruthless warden Charles Thatcher, Roger Ward as brutish guard Ritter, Carmen Duncan as wicked lesbian bitch Jennifer (who hunts her prey with an obscenely phallic crossbow), Noel Ferrier as gross fat toad Mallory, John Ley as sniveling weasel Dodge, Michael Petrovitch as the slimy Tito, and Guy Mercurio as the sadistic Red. The presence of a ferocious ape-like mutant freak named Alph who eats toes and meets a messy untimely end provides an extra campy kick. The script by Jon George and Neill D. Hicks tosses in some choice clunky social commentary on the evils of fascism and mindless conformity in an attempt to give a smidgen of substance to all the cheap lurid thrills that this flick contains in ample abundance. John R. McClean's crisp cinematography makes nice use of the widescreen format. Brian May's spirited score hits the stirring spot. A total schlocky blast.

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