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Joe Manganiello as Curtis
Rebecca Hall as Hannah
Dianna Agron as Finley
Jason Sudeikis as Andrew McDonnell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 6 / 10

Near Miss

This movie, on the surface, would seem to have the ingredients of a successful film. It has two charismatic lead actors in Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudekis, a good supporting cast, a nice small town in Maine flavor, and beautiful cinematography.However, for me, it just never seemed to come together to a point where I was able to connect emotionally with its characters.

Hall portrays Hannah, living in a backwoods area of Maine, who is grieving the loss of her husband Hunter, some two years before, from a hiking accident, He was a singer/songwriter who had a wildly successful first album, thus achieving great notoriety before his death, and was revered by Hannah.

Sudekis plays Andrew, a writer and associate professor, who doggedly pursues Hannah to possibly collaborate on a book he's writing about talented artists who have died way too young. However, Hannah wants to write her own biography of Hunter, and resists Andrew until she realizes she does indeed need his help. As Andrew uncovers more and more information, he begins to suspect that Hunter may have committed suicide and that his death was not an accident. The interplay between the two works well, at times, but at other times seems forced and just doesn't ring true.

All in all, this movie, directed by Sean Mewshaw with a screenplay from Desi Van Til, had its moments but never really came across to me as totally believable, so I would say it was a near miss.

Reviewed by Karthik Ch.S 7 / 10

Almost touches Great - But settles for Decent

Tumbledown is that kind of movie which makes you feel "Oh! It's good. But it should have been better". You'd almost feel sorry for the entire cast because they have given such exceptional performances only to be let down by clichéd writing towards the end. But it still is a Dramedy worth watching.

Coming to the performances, there are absolutely no complaints here. I can safely say that Jason Sudeikis steals the show with his charm and timing. Rebecca Hall gives her best and suits for the role well. In fact we can watch the movie just for the leads' performances. The supporting cast does justice to their roles.

Verdict: Go for it!

Reviewed by CC Robinson 10 / 10

Gorgeous, hilarious, and well-written film

If you haven't seen Tumbledown yet, you are in for a treat. Rebecca Hall plays the widow of Hunter Miles, a fictional singer with a cult following. She has stacked enough wood for years of a comfortable widowhood--living among her husband's instruments and keepsakes in the lakeside cabin in Maine that they shared. She's forced from being a hermit by the brash academic (played by Jason Sudeikis) who appears on his European motorcycle to dig up biographical details on Hunter for his PhD dissertation. But Hunter's widow turns out to be more fascinating than the memory of Sudeikis' musical hero. And the rest is chemistry. We get to watch Jason Sudeikis and Rebecca Hall on a date at the town dump, at a family Easter gone wrong, and standing on a sheet of frozen ice surrounded by the crazy whale sounds of a thawing lake in the Maine woods. The rapport between Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis is riveting. Their banter is smart and funny. And Damien Jurado's haunting tunes give the movie a depth that reverberates for days to come. The film is gorgeous, moving and entertaining.

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