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Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes
Dermot Mulroney as Lawrence Lanpher
Topher Grace as Mike Smith
Robert Redford as Dan Rather
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DoctorJA 1 / 10

Trying to turn biased liars into heroic figures insults anyone's intelligence.

So Dan Rather and his Producer Mary Mapes report that there's a smoking gun 'letter' that proves George W. Bush's father's political connections evaded Vietnam. That's the only truth here. It was in the environment of 2004 Presidential election, and the obvious motive was to draw contrast to John Kerry who did serve in Vietnam and help Kerry defeat then-President Bush. This 'letter' proved to be a fabrication as the font used in the letter wasn't invented until more than 20-plus years later. Thank God this falsification occurred before the election, but I shudder to think if had not been found to be a fake until after AND Kerry had won in a close election... So why would there be a movie made showing rank liars and people trying to undermine our democracy by lying and hiding under the First Amendment AND making them heroes? Just watch CNN or any other of the 'main stream' news and you'll realize that they are no longer concerned with reporting facts and context, today they are trying to manipulate you by 'reporting' things as they see it through their liberal narrative. PERIOD!

This is probably one of the lamest movies I've ever seen, trying to pull every emotionally manipulative string. What else would you expect when the co-writer is laughably Ms. Mapes herself?? Talk about self-indulgent. But I guess the biggest question is: which movie executive gave the green light to this sh!tpile and who even went to see it??

Reviewed by YukoK 8 / 10

A movie about father and daughter, and her husband

Yes, it's a film that sheds light on the finest parts of journalism. But I value this movie because it's a story of a woman who had been harassed by her father all her life. If it weren't for that father, the protagonist may have not become the fighting woman she is now today.

The most moving scene of all, however, is when we find out the reason she married her husband. A girl like her would marry a guy like him for that sole reason, and I know because I am that girl.

So is this too personal to be a movie review? I hope not. There are probably tons of women out there who live family lives like that of the protagonist. And to know the true value of this precious piece of work, you need to see it, and then you need to get your partner to see it, and then you need to find a way to talk about that scene with your partner, and just a few words exchanged about that scene will make your life so worth it.

For that reason, this is one of those great movies like "The Machinist" or "Gone Baby Gone" which cannot get enough attention because the gorgeous part is only in its spoilers.

Reviewed by bobzmcishl 8 / 10

Compares favorably to The Post

I saw The Post this week and decided to also watch Truth at home to compare two stories about journalism and the media. I found Truth to be just as compelling a story as The Post, with a steller cast and screenplay, with plenty of drama, even though I knew the general outlines of the story and the outcome for those at CBS News. I did not know a lot of the details about how CBS, Mary Makes, and Dan Rather were caught up in some unfortunate mistakes that had little bearing on the veracity of the claims about Lt. George W. Bush and his time in the Air National Guard. This story paints an even larger story about how corporations react to bad publicity and right wing pressures that if anything have gotten worse over time. The movie does a good job in presenting how much fact checking is involved in major news stories, and how easily it can all become unraveled through a series of small errors that add up to one large error. The movie makes a strong case for the truth of the story hence the title of the movie. Cate Blanchett is outstanding as Mary Mapes and Robert Redford is excellent as Dan Rather, and the supporting cast is uniformly excellent. This is a movie that contains top flight actors across the board. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. It is a worthwhile two hour investment.

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