True Crime


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
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Clint Eastwood as Steve Everett
Lucy Liu as Toy Shop Girl
James Woods as Alan Mann
Francesca Eastwood as Kate Everett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnny-burgundy 7 / 10

Race Against the Clock

True Crime (1999) This is a mystery drama film directed by Clint Eastwood. It was adapted from a 1995 novel of the same name. Eastwood stars in the film as a journalist covering the execution of a death row inmate, only to find that he may actually be innocent. Eastwood times two is usually bankable as a strong film. I like going back to watch older films when I can't find anything recent. I overlooked this film when it first came out. The cast was solid with known actors of the day and currently actors early in their careers. It included Clint Eastwood, Isaiah Washington, Denis Leary, Lisa Gay Hamilton, James Woods, Michael McKean, and Mary McCormack. This crime thriller is a race against the clock as Eastwood's character only comes to this realization the same day as the execution is scheduled. The way he ultimately puts the pieces together is thrilling. It really is a good film.

Reviewed by MartinHafer 7 / 10

Yet another film that has the audience questioning capital punishment...

"True Crime" is an exciting film to watch...and I am glad I saw it. And, the film brings up some really important reasons why the death penalty, at least in some cases, is a crazy punishment because you cannot undo it once it's done.

Clint Eastwood (who is actually too old for this role) plays Steve, a reporter for an Oakland newspaper. He's a mess...a womanizer, a drunk and a jerk. But when he's given a last moment assignment to interview a man about to be executed, something odd happens to Steve...he begins to give a darn about something. And, the more he digs the more the case looks shaky...built upon only eyewitness testimony and circumstantial evidence.

This is an uneven film. The portions with Eastwood were okay but not much more. Where the movie really, really shined was in portraying the man on death row and his family...that was marvelously made and Eastwood, in this case, was a better director than actor and got some marvelous performances out of everyone. Worth seeing but uneven and, when you think about it, hard to believe. Plus, that homeless guy...why was he in the film and who thought having him sexually harass ladies was funny or worth including in the story?!

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 7 / 10

A good, serviceable thriller.

(Originally reviewed: 17/03/2017) Clint Eastwood has a lot of great films to his name, and some fairly good ones, I would class this one around the fairly good mark, as it's oh so predictable and not exactly original and packed with clichés, but good Clint Eastwood films are still worth your time and thanks in part to Eastwood himself who is equally as skilled as a director as he is acting. The casting is smart, Eastwood (Steve Everett) is cool, conserved and gives a solid performance, the supporting cast includes the brilliant James Woods as his boss, a good Isaiah Washington (Frank beechum) as the death row inmate, and Denis Leary as Bob, a superior who has it out for him, and Leary is very believable. Other good performances include LisaGay Hamilton as Bonnie Beechum, Diane Venora as Barbara Everett and Bernard Hill as the Warden in charge of the execution.

The acting was not a problem, but there were scenes from lesser character's that were aggravating, such as an African American homeless guy who is running around saying "pussy on toast" to random women and stupid stuff like that, he was just annoying as hell, another was execution humour from a guard who pretended to be dead and said "Sir, I repent", thinking execution is a funny matter which it certainly is not, and there are a fair amount of jokes that don't land here. Other flaws include the dialogue, it had some real howlers, like for example when the warden says "Let's do work, while we feed our faces", which I thought was atrocious and there's a really bad cliché involving a little girl getting hurt, where Eastwood put's her in a chair and play's speed zoo, or whatever you want to call it which involved his daughter falling over, yet who would have thought right, with no restraints on the chair. The film's flaws were mostly minor but there were a good few and then they add another melodramatic scene for good measure, where the daughter of the man on death row starts making a scene because she doesn't have the colour green in her crayon box, yeah that sentence speaks for itself.

I did enjoy the picture however, Eastwood's direction is impressive, there's some decent humour on display, it's well paced, and despite being predictable it offers some thrilling sequences, and has enough strong performances, worthwhile moments and funny jokes to make it well worth seeing; especially a scene where Eastwood is intoxicated, trying to save this guy from getting executed in a race against time, whilst outrunning the police in a pursuit that's utterly enjoyable; another highlight would be the scenes between Woods and Eastwood, two great actors, making the most of their dialogue and delivering some truly memorable moments in this effective, entertaining, if unoriginal thriller.

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