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Brad Pitt as Achilles
Rose Byrne as Briseis
Sean Bean as Odysseus
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Reviewed by KissEnglishPasto 8 / 10

TROY...An Outstanding Cinematic Time Machine

.......................................................from Pasto,Colombia...Via: L.A. CA., CALI, COLOMBIA and ORLANDO, FL

More than just a movie, TROY is a species of cinematic time machine. In a most compelling and exciting way, it will transport you to a time and place far away, to the Greek islands of over three millennium ago, to be precise! For those of you with a good "Home Theater", this film will provide two hours of historical battles, conducted in a very realistic and impressive way, spectacular vistas of both land and sea, seamless digital effects that are difficult to distinguish from reality, and for women, a well- oiled Brad Pitt projecting a multifaceted and enigmatic Achilles, whose performance was highly underrated by critics.

In contrast, Orlando Bloom (Lord of the Rings , Pirates of the Caribbean) as Paris was somewhat indecipherable, leaving one with the question of whether the lack of character in his portrayal of Paris, was intentional or due to an under-par performance . The rest of the cast appears to be generally well chosen (with the exception of Diane Kruger in the role of Elena, who looked like a mechanical porcelain figurine) and bestows a resonance and a dimension to this historical drama rarely seen in a movie of this genre.

As announced in the end credits, TROY was "inspired" by Homer's Iliad, authored some 2,500 years ago. It's hard to understand the logic of "purists", who have cried "foul!" because Troy's plot often differs notably from Homer's original work. They complain that the movie is neither faithful to the Iliad nor to history. Well, the fact that the thousands of gods and demigods present in the book are absent from the movie is, perhaps, not necessarily a bad thing!.

As for historical events themselves, nobody really knows for sure what happened in Troy three thousand two hundred years ago! Practically everything is purely conjecture! So consider that TROY is a completely separate film version , with a different name , of the written work, the Iliad.

It is worth making a few comments on some technical aspects of the production : costume design , sets & scenery , weapons, boats and other elements of war demonstrate a work done taking his time, with enough love and an almost obsessive attention to an endless number of details , almost impossible to see and perceive well the first time you've seen the movie, but that clearly stand out during a second viewing.

There have been many works where the Seventh Art has spent a fortune, and the result ends up being anything but artistic! In the case of Troy, at least, it seems that the budget of $200 million has presented us with a very harmonious and aesthetic result . Even the sound, for those who are set on these things, is some of the best that has been produced so far for DVD! We must recognize the director, Wolfgang Peterson ( Das Boot, Air Force One , The Perfect Storm) which reached orchestrate an intense, clear and consistent cinematic vision of Troy .

A final recommendation....Despite the fact that Troy, really lacks any scenes of graphic violence, much less any sexually charged ones, because of the amoral, indecisive and unfocused tone of some of its protagonists, it would probably be a good idea to do a pre-screening with family and friends over 12, and then decide if you deem it suitable for younger people in your family!.

Hoping you really enjoy your two and a half hours in the city of Troy, in the second millennium before Christ ... and do not forget to pump up the volume !


Any Comments, or Questions, In English or Español, are most welcome…......................................................

Reviewed by dhalmagean 5 / 10

too twisted - not credible

I just want to emphasize the following: the movie is too twisted - (soap opera style). This is really destroying for credibility.

Paris and Elena loves each other - they both know they will start a war, a lot of people would dye, they both doesn't want this, but ... thy can't stop themselves. Each one try separately to end the conflict but .. somehow they dont finish the try.

So love is worthy to go for a war (Priam say this ! also). But not any love. Pure love between Briseis and Ahile is not worthy. Paris himself (who started the war for ... love) kills the big pure love between Ahile and Briseis. He shot arrows on Ahile while his own cousin desperately begs him to stop. There is too much inconsistency between Hector and Paris behavior: Hector is ready to start a war for Paris's feelings while Paris himself doesn't care for his cousin's feelings. Strange and too obvious twisted scenario.

In the movie, Priam, the good king of Troy did everything he could to loose Troy. All major bad decisions were taken by him. This is really strange. He was the last one to decide: when it was a debate between attacking the Greeks on the beach (sustained by his priest) and not attacking because this attack will reunite the Greeks (the mirmidons with Ahile were not fighting yet) - sustained by Hector - the biggest military general in Troy - Priam decided to listen to the priest. Terrible decision.

Again, when it was told by his own son Paris to burn the horse, not to bring him into the city, he took again the decision based on the priest advice: it is a gift from gods and brought into the city. Fights ends after this decision - again taken by Priam!

Very strange to put the responsibility of such big mistakes on such a nice character like Priam. Seems for me like a big childish screen play error.

The story of Illiada is difficult to tell, I agree. The gods are missing from the movie, the big speeches also.

So what is rest ? What should I understand ? Is ok to love - even impossible love which starts a war, is also ok to kill the impossible love (Briseis and Ahile). Is ok to let your sons fight to death and let the gods decide. A cowardly escape is accepted also. Psychopath kings, gentle kings, tricks and sleights .. and everyone speaking about random things like: honor, love, etc. Courage, yes - this is I think the single constant moral value in the movie.

In fact I had the feeling that the scenario could have change every moment like in a soap opera. Wow. Such flexibility. In fact I see it like a scenario problem that shows inconsistency and lack of credibility. By the way: this is just a Hollywood movie, you don't know Illiada after watching the movie :)

Reviewed by jcbinok 8 / 10

Everything Was Great Except the Story

A lot to like about this film. It has epic scope, great sets and costumes, and masterful fight scenes. And yet...I stopped caring toward the end. It was all fight, fight, fight; no hmmm. The Trojans got to Greece, and that's where the entire movie plays out. Would've been much better with some more ocean scenes. It wasn't a short movie either, so it could have developed some better sub-plots. The female characters had virtually nothing to do; Brad Pitt's biceps got more screen time than all the ladiers put together.

Recommended only for those who love fight scenes.

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