Trouble Is My Business


Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 99%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1278


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Vernon Wells as Detective Barry Tate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris_Casey 1 / 10

Nice Idea. Really BAD film.

I'm all for supporting struggling independent film companies, directors, actors, and the like. I salute those folks that are out there fighting the good fight. But, sometimes when you fight, you lose. And this is definitely a lost fight. The film's premise is good. But, that's about it. The film starts off a little bad and proceeds to become excruciatingly lousy. I'm not trying to be hateful or disrespectful towards the filmmakers. They probably put their hearts and souls into this project and I really do salute their efforts. However, in my opinion, nothing really works in this film (except for a few well-lit shots). Nice idea. Failure of a film.

Reviewed by wimpler 2 / 10

Couldn't watch beyond 10 minutes

It's such a long time since I've seen such poor acting. What promised to be a Sin City (esque) thriller turned into a wooden, awkward embarrassment. It may have been great after 10 minutes but I'd rather poke pencils into my eyes than have to endure any more.

Reviewed by tomandkennaproductions 8 / 10

Can't Trust the Trolls

Okay so I found this movie on YouTube and watched it on FandangoNow. I came here to look it up to see who was in it.

I was surprised to see polarized reviews liking it (it was good) and others calling unwatchable or bad or whatever because it clearly isnt, sue me, I liked it.

Then I looked at who was writing the terrible reviews of this film and I saw they gave 1 star to movies I loved like Black Panther one star to Wonder Woman and on and on just writing so I thought I'd write here and they wrote nothing but bad reviews so I thought. K I'm going to let it be known its a decent fim. Not perfect but fun and very good. especially if you like noir.

The harsh critics that troll these indie movies are misleading and its like they saw a totally different movie than I did and if Id read these 1 star or two star reviews or whatever insults they said about the movie I would have missed a great little movie. No I dont write reviews here like they do so I am non in the movie or suspect just because I wanted to say I liked the movie I just hate seeing lies and insults.

Don't believe these reviews all the time I guess I see they wrote bad reviews of all the movies they saw. Anyway, my two cents.

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