Trouble Is My Business


Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 99%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 668


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Vernon Wells as Detective Barry Tate
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tzomakas 1 / 10

Bad Filming Is My Business

This film is unwatchable. Apparently the people participating in it are logging on IMDb to give it 9- and 10-star ratings, The acting level is at college levels, the scenario worthy of a country club play, the production is backyard/ garage/ basement-based. The budget is that of a yard-sale and there are Youtube films out there that are worth twice and thrice the value of this film. The only reason I spent so much effort to write this review is to save people from time and bytes wasted.

Reviewed by Gizmo 3 / 10

The Simple Art of Murder

I confess, I couldn't get all the way through this: porn-level acting, script and production values but with zero sex and nudity. That's quite a frustrating two hours, to be honest.

I checked it out because of it taking the title of a Raymond Chandler book of short stories - none of which are here used. Since the film is set in the same genre, in the same period, and very much in the same style, stealing the title could be seen as - at best - audacious, but less generously as outrageous cheek.

It's clear the creators were trying for something better, on a very small budget, and they should be applauded for that, but the end result just really isn't very good at all, with nothing new or interesting to add to an already very well-explored territory.

Reviewed by Horse_Caulk 2 / 10

Keep your day jobs

I was intrigued after seeing the extremely positive reviews. How crazy that people with no other reviews, who just opened an account, would immediately find a 9 or 10-star movie, right? Such an interesting coincidence. All on the same date too? Wow! The coincidences keep coming. 9 or 10 stars, that's right up there with the classics! This is gonna be great!

Seriously though, WTF is this? Every area of production is executed at a student level. Unintentional comedy throughout. Who would attach their real name to this?

But, don't take my word for it, see it! I dare you. You won't make it all the way through. And for those who just want a little sneek peek at what highly motivated amateurs with not a lick of talent (or even basic production experience) might come up with, check out the trailer on Youtube. Just listen to that excellent audio! Was this mixed by a kid? Was this a project at a community college?

It gets one additional star, for the comedy value.

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