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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sporeviews 1 / 10

Trolls doesn't measure up to Dreamworks standards..

Based on the popular toys, Trolls centers on two tiny trolls called Poppy and Branch, who go on a quest to rescue their friends from being eaten at the annual Trollstice, held by the miserable Bergens.

When I first saw the teaser trailer for Trolls, I knew it would be something quite unbearable, and BOY was I right! The whole movie is offensively patronizing, and lazy; Instead of being original, or creative, it pads out 80% of it's narrative with characters randomly performing recognizable pop songs. With little to no concern about whether these jukebox musical numbers, help the story to move forward, or add something to the film. It's the oldest trick in the book; Emotionally manipulate the audience by referencing happy pop songs that sound comfortably familiar. It's much easier than coming up with your own material to satisfy them, or enrich their minds.

This isn't my only gripe with the movie though; It's lead characters are SO one-dimensional and bland, that we know how their character arcs will play out as soon as we see them on screen! Not to mention, the film also forces these two into a romantic connection, just because it's the usual Hollywood tradition. Plus, it's because the studio thinks that audiences are suckers for anything romantic. This just comes across as formulaic and contrived, because they share SO little chemistry; They spend most of the movie arguing.

The cherry on top of Trolls problem's has to be it's desperate and cringe-inducing attempts at being cool, hip and relevant to today's generation. From having characters rap out of nowhere, to having a troll baby scream "YOLO!" at a crazy rave party. It's so embarrassing, and it's going to date this movie TERRIBLY.

Trolls is a desperate, awkward and uninspired movie, with nothing creative, or imaginative to offer. To say that I didn't like it, would be an understatement.

Reviewed by sporeviews 1 / 10

Does not deserve a G rating.

First off, if you are a Christian, do not let your kids see this movie. The main idea of this movie is essentially that the way to get rid of an evil spirit is just to "be happy" enough, which is obviously not what the Bible teaches.

Second, even if your family isn't religious, your kids have no business watching this movie. Either they will be creeped out by it, in which case they are too young (like I said, the "G" rating is outrageous), or they will not be creeped out by it, in which case they are too old or too mature to be wasting their time on this mindless drivel.

Not only this movie, but the entire genre of "overly-happy sappy generic messages, pretty colours" is an insult to any one who has ever experienced the real world. Similar to shows and movies like My little Pony Friendship is Magic, Sofia the First, Puppy in My pocket, or Care Bears, they are overly-sweet, vapid, pandering, the characters aren't put in any danger, or the characters themselves have no personality. While I was relieved that the movie WASN'T overly-sappy, or this decade's version of "A Troll in Central Park", it instead tries to be hip, cool and relevant, all while failing. Not to mention that the characters aren't put in any danger. Don't let your kids watch Trolls, or the upcoming TV show. Buying them the toys is fine, but keep them away from the upcoming animated series. Trolls has no educational or moral value. The whole theme of the entire Troll Dolls franchise is that all your problems will just go away if only you and your friends just "Be Happy" enough. American Greetings, if you're reading this, than all I have to say to you is try telling that to the the little kid who just lost a friend to cancer, or the kid who's dog just got put to sleep.

There are some who would defend this movie as being just harmless fun even if they do acknowledge that it doesn't have a very strong moral foundation. To that I say, first of all, anyone over age 4 will be bored to tears over this intelligence-insulting movie. It is not fun, and as for me, I have no fond nostalgic memories of the Troll dolls themselves. Second, little kids need to be learning how to be effectively dealing with the problems life throws their way, and learning that "Happiness" isn't always enough. They also need to learn the harsh realities of life, like the fact that holding hands and standing in a circle with your friends shouting the "Happiness is inside you" message over and over again will not bring your dead grandmother back.

Reviewed by sporeviews 1 / 10

I HATE this movie!

There are very few times in life, that I can say that a film has felt like it has ROBBED me of something; like I felt like less of a human being when I walked out of the cinema. This is one of those rare cases. So, Trolls is the newest film from Dreamworks Animation, and boy howdy are they heading backwards with this one! It's based off the old troll dolls that have been around since the 1960's. In this movie, there's this race of trolls, who are living in a forest, they've got lovely lives, they dance, they laugh, they hug a lot. But then one day, this big bad thing called a Bergen comes, and takes some of the trolls away to be eaten. And now it's up to the princess Poppy, played by Anna Kendrick, and this grumpy troll named Branch, voiced by Justin Timberlake to try and get their friends to freedom... and yeah! From that synopsis ALONE, you know exactly what's going to happen in this thing! Okay, now listing one positive: The animation in this movie, isn't half bad; it's very bright, it's very colourful, it's very pretty to look at, so I'll say good job on the animation team for that! But NO. I'm not being nice to this one, let's just get into this MESS. Watching this movie has got to be one of the most insufferable cinema experiences, I've had in a while! This film just feels like an excuse to have a string of pop songs stacked together with a vague, insanely predictable plot, woven in between them. If you have seen a kid's film, you have seen this plot done, and done better, a hundred thousand times, before! It's all about finding happiness, and being happy, and I HATE films that have messages like that. Throughout this whole movie, I kept thinking back to films like Inside Out where the lesson was, the necessity for unhappiness. It's okay for kids to learn that being unhappy, isn't always a bad thing! Being sad, or angry, is important for a person to experience in life, especially nowadays! In movies like Trolls, the lesson is quite simply "Be happy, all the time always, and everything will just sort itself out." That is an AWFUL message, and it annoys me that we're STILL getting movies that teach it to kids! The characters in this movie were beyond, obnoxious; just the way they would talk with these INSANELY dated phrases: "Solid burn, Branch". Solid burn, returned". It gets terrible! Now let's talk about the songs. Yeah, they're bad. It's just the fact that they were bad, it's the fact that they take up the MAJORITY of the movie! Every 5 minutes, they will just cut to another pop song, and then another one, and then another, and then another, and then another. It was just this endless of infuriating pop songs, that just never seems to end! Half of the songs didn't even make any sense, I mean there's a moment when the characters start singing "Clint Eastwood" by the Gorillaz, and I was just left going, WHY? As a person who is really not a big fan of musicals, in fact I hate most of them, this was my impression of what PAIN would be like! Not to mention the fact that the movie is INCREDIBLY annoying, it's also got some of the moronic, and potentially harmful messages, a kid's film could HAVE in this day and age! We are living in a time, where emotional problems in children are becoming more and more apparent, so just telling them to just put on a smile and be happy, and then ALL their trouble will go away, is not only stupid, it's DANGEROUS. So, to sum up, this movie was just disturbing. The characters were insanely annoying, the plot is recycled from 100 other kid's films, the songs make me want to take a cheese grater to my ears, and the message is some of the most BACKWARDS a kid's film can BE.

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