Triple 9


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 53%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
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Gal Gadot as Elena Vlaslov
Teresa Palmer as Michelle Allen
Norman Reedus as Russell Welch
Kate Winslet as Irina Vlaslov
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toddg-473-289818 6 / 10

a little confusing

A group of corrupt police officers in Atlanta are on the hook to steal for the Russian mob, with each of them engaging with their own ever shifting lines of morality. One cop's son is used as a pawn by the son's mother, who is the sister of the Russian mob boss trying to get her husband out of a Russian prison. Follow that so far? Yep, it's pretty convoluted.

As far as the casting, Aaron Paul as a useless junkie wasn't a good move. It is hard to feel sympathetic for his character, and you find yourself just wanting him out of the way as the movie progresses. Refreshing was a barely recognizable Kate Winslet as the Russian mob matriarch, and Casey Affleck not playing his usual morose type of character. Also, Woody Harrelson does a great job as Casey Affleck's uncle, an alcoholic detective on his last legs, but still with keen police instincts and the desire to protect his nephew's life and career as a young officer.

Reviewed by brooks250 5 / 10

Director Should Dial 911 Instead

"999" or "Triple-9" is police radio code for Officer Down (I couldn't verify this tidbit in a quick online search, but I digress) I love gritty cop shows: from The Shield to its milder network version on NBC "Shades of Blue" or give me movies such as "Dark Blue" (Kurt Russell) or "Training Day" (Denzel Washington). So I was ready to really like this one, and given the all-star cast, a slam dunk for sure. Wow, was I disappointed! As many commenters have noted, these crooked cops are involved in the Russian mob and we're given no reason why these police officers are doing what they do. Just hinting at "money" or greed is not enough. Who are these people and how did they end up in this crazy situation? Sadly, the writer and director doesn't think those questions are important. So we're immersed in what I call "cop porn" where we cut out any back story or context and just cut to "the good parts" But in this case, without the back story, we don't care about any of the characters or what's transpiring on the screen. So a lengthy (and preposterous) shootout and chase in a gang-infested Atlanta housing development has no weight for us. It's like watching a bad video game. I don't know how they talked these A-list stars into making this turkey, but if the neuralizer from Men In Black really works, their agents should pool their $ and buy as many as it takes.

Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10

Cop Crime Unsettlement

Film Review: "Triple 9" (2016)

This highly unsettling cop-thriller directed by John Hillcoat, known for decisive somehow incomplete looks on the world that surround us nearby, but never failing to polarize, since his breakthrough feature "The Proposition" (2005), a neo-western starring actor Guy Pearce as unruly outlaw Charlie Burns; the same with "Triple 9", where shifting character perspectives keeps the spectre on the heels what is to expect by a den of metropolitan cops, set in urban Atlanta, Georgia, who get pressured by character Michael Atwood, portrayed by actor Chiwetel Ejiojor in a risky constant mood shifting fashion, when the nemesis police officer Chris Allen arrives on the scene, performed by stability and focus-bringing actor Casey Affleck, to unfold a heist-taking bunch of police officer, contracted by Michael, who has been deeply tight up with the Russian Mafia owning Hebrew Kosher Nostra; rulingly and surprisingly performances by actresses Kate Winslet and Gal Gadot, as underworld roving sisters' couple, who keep their heads clear, when all other members of an demanding ensemble cast surrounding also Woody Harrelson as an arguable good cop, Anthony Mackie as bad cop and actor Aaron Paul as the character of undercover police officer Gabe Welch, who portrays a complete destruction of losing one's nerves under pressure, when the gritty highly realistic image system of further drug-sedated cops, abducted waterpark-seduced children, capturing a whole world blown up in smoke and narcotics toward the title-given police code of "999" - officer down - pushes the suspense to mind-twisting heights at the running time marker 1h 21mins 00sec in an original script by Matt Cook of unexpected revelations, making "Triple 9" a cop-thriller open for revisits.

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