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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 8 / 10

One of Walter Hills' most potent and entertaining films.

Indeed, veteran action specialist Walter Hill "goes gangsta" in this stylized thrill ride. It blurs the lines between "good" guys and "bad" guys; the protagonists are not squeaky clean, and the antagonists are not purely one-dimensional - not all of them, anyway. An assortment of colorful characters and solid performances add to the entertainment value of a film that ultimately builds to a real fever pitch. The pacing is truly excellent, along with the atmosphere and the typically eclectic music score by Hills' old pal, Ry Cooder.

Bill Paxton (Rest in Peace, sir) and William Sadler are Vince and Don, two Arkansas firemen who get wind that the treasure from a long ago church robbery has been socked away inside a now decrepit wreck of an apartment building. Wouldn't you know it: soon after Vince and Don arrive at the place, a gang of very tough black drug pushers arrive to use the place to execute a traitorous member of their crew. Vince witnesses the act, leading to a completely untenable situation where the main thing keeping Vince and Don alive is the fact that they've taken Lucky (De'voreaux White, "Die Hard"), the younger brother of gang leader King James (rapper / actor Ice-T), prisoner.

While you don't necessarily root for any one team in particular, you do understand where certain characters are coming from. King James really does have genuine concern for his sibling, while Vince is a more naive and somewhat more reasonable person than Don, who's determined to have the trip be worth something. Drawn into the fray is a homeless man named Bradlee (Art Evans, "Fright Night") who's been squatting in the building. Naturally, the whole argument comes up over who exactly has the most right to the gold.

Particularly riveting are the dynamics between key characters, as both Vince & Don, and King James & his right hand man, Savon (Ice Cube), argue over methodology.

The action comes fast and furious, with Hill drawing us into one tense and effective sequence after another. The stunts and special effects are first rate, and the soundtrack, consisting of Cooders' score and a selection of rap tunes (including a kick ass duet by Ice-T and Ice Cube), is consistently catchy. The mostly black cast includes some very solid character actors: Bruce A. Young ("Jurassic Park III"), Glenn Plummer ("Speed"), Stoney Jackson ("Streets of Fire"), 'Tiny' Lister ("Friday"), et al.

It's a shame that this was actually a flop in its time. 25 years later, it still works quite well, with a finale that truly brings the house down.

Written, and executive produced, by Bob Gale & Robert Zemeckis.

Eight out of 10.

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 8 / 10

Exciting '92 hidden surprise

What's sad about this underrated B film, is like Dr Giggles, their billboards were put up, but they were a no show at the cinema, where they didn't get a run. What's crazy before I proceed with this review, is that there's hardly any violence at all, where this was given a R certificate, where the very gory Dr Giggles, one well refined horror film received only an M. Was that the violence in Trespass, was more realistic? There's only two bits, one bit, a fresh bloodied shirt of one not so lucky victim, was the only the reason. It couldn't of been the needle plunging neck scene. Trespass is one refreshing, exciting movie wonderfully and tensely structured, by a favored director, we love, where this one would of fallen under the radar. In Adelaide, it got a brief screening, one of a three movie showing, the other films being Sliver and Body Of Evidence. This movie certainly deserves more credit, your viewing time, but also, or more importantly, be respected,, where you'll be wonderfully surprised. The plot has firemen buddies, better actors, Paxton, giving his all again and the wonderfully versatile Sadler who are given a treasure map, by an old guy, who chooses to go down with the flames They travel from Arkansaw to St Louis, to a desecrated building, where hidden in this one spot, is a greedy display of shining gold. Only they should of come another day, as Paxton, becomes a spotted witness to an arranged killing of this cheating drug dealer (Glenn Plummer, think midget, Tony "Little Man" Cox, grown to full size) who's thrown off the top of the building, where the middle of his back, cracks on a railing below, before plunging back off it, so it wasn't a pleasant drop. The gang is headed by Ice T, as King James, and he doesn't do a bad job. I came to realize later Ice T, isn't a bad actor. Ice Cube wasn't bad either as one of King Jame's gang, where the other black actors give good performances too, Stoney Jackson, being one that stands out, where the other one, was the black, loud dressy dude, who came later, one dude that lives coolness. Just watch when he gets stopped by two black cops. For Paxton and Sadler, strategy and situations ensue, where the two parties hold out. The stakes are raised, when the firemen take Ice T'S little brother, Lucky, well not so lucky on this day. Paxton and Sadler also have a bit of headache they don't need, from an old black vagrant, they keep hostage. The gold objects that are uncovered, are amazing to look at, kind of making us visually envious. I really liked Paxton's character, where Sadlers got on my nerve, where I didn't really care about this obnoxious fellow at all. It wouldn't matter, if he lived or died. Trespass has you engrossed from the very start to end, trust me. It's something different, and it's great, the two contrasting parties. Who will survive? The climax is a classic, and the location exterior outside the buildings with their it's tight shots, really makes you feel you there, but also has you wondering what's beyond these buildings. This restricted atmosphere beautifully befits the mood of this good film. This film just had me momentarily, wishing Billy Paxton was still with us, and for fans of him, this movie is a nice reminder. His personality and avid input into his characters, will have us thinking of him as one of those wild actors, but will also have us remembering this good hearted guy, off camera. A missed cinema surprise, another one being that Robert Zemekis, was one of the producers on this. Don't rent the Nicolas Cage one by mistake. Great movie poster, and grinding music. Thanks again, Mr Hill.

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies 7 / 10

Doesn't slow down for a second

Walter Hill's Trespass could raise a pulse in a quiet graveyard, it's so relentless. It's one of those single location, breathless siege thrillers where two unlucky dudes, this time Bill Paxton and William Sadler, are barricaded in some unfortunate building while hordes of inner city criminals try to smoke them out. Billy and Willy are two firemen in the wrongest of places at the wrongest of times, led to a dilapidated St. Louis warehouse in search of a hidden cache of stolen gold. When one of them stumbles into a gangland assassination, the two are immediately branded as witnesses and hinted like dogs by boss King James (a snarling Ice-T), his lieutenant Savon (Ice Cube) and armies of their men. That's pretty much the premise, and simple as it is, action maestro Hill turns it into a ballistic bloodbath that barely slows down for a second once it gets going. Paxton and Sadler are soon at each other's throats in a feverish haze of adrenaline, whilst the two Ices argue amongst themselves about tactical logistics. Yelling, shooting, running, borderline parkour, cat and mouse games, beloved 90's action tropes and fight scenes that almost wind the audience as much as the characters. This is a lean cut of a film, concerned only with thrilling the pants off the viewer, hurtling by at a locomotive's pace without rest until that final shell casing hits the pavement.

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