Trap for Cinderella


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Frances de la Tour as Aunt Elinor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gridoon2018 7 / 10

A terrific thriller - if you give it some time

A moody, absorbing, intelligent thriller. For a lot of its running time, I thought the main twist was easily guessable (especially if you've seen the 1991 amnesia thriller "Shattered"), but in the end the film proves to be at least one step ahead of the viewer; I only THOUGHT I knew what was going on. But the film is not all about the twists; at its center there is a complex, deep-rooted, emotional relationship between two women, exceptionally well acted by Tuppence Middleton and Alexandra Roach; though Middleton has the more showy role(s) (and exposes more flesh), Roach is the revelation of the movie - I bet she will have a great career. Ultimately, "Trap For Cinderella" is a triumphant success. *** out of 4.

Reviewed by suite92 4 / 10

Fraud, deceit, and bullying aplenty; good story telling, not so much.

Mickey and Domenica meet each other after a number of years. Do is a bank employee; Mickey is a photographer who lives as if she were rich. Do quits her job, and they get to know each other somewhat. They decide to get together at a house where they had common experiences as children.

There is a terrible fire. One of them is killed, and the other gets amnesia and burns on her face.

As 'Mickey' recovers her memory, and recovers from reconstructive surgery, we switch to flashbacks of when the two had just met each other again. Then there are further flashbacks to the estate where there was a near drowning incident when Do and Mickey were pre-teens. Mickey was blamed for this and a subsequent event that was at least as bad. They do not see each other for years, partly at Do's family's insistence.

In the depths of these flashbacks, a plot is hatched. Will it succeed?


Cinematography: 7/10 Mostly good, parts excellent, but sometimes in shaky camera mode, which looked horrid.

Sound: 3/10 Bad sound leveling.

Acting: 2/10 There was acting? The characters were repellent, but not engaging. I hoped the trap would spring on Cinderella so that the film would end.

Screenplay: 4/10 Neither the pacing nor the labyrinth of flashbacks and reinterpretations were engaging. I had a strong hope that all the main characters would be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Reviewed by msroz 6 / 10

Alexandra Roach has a possessive love relationship with Tuppence Middleton

Critic John Grant's "Noirish" blog alerted me to this as a neo-noir, so I checked it out. It's an intriguing movie, with very good performances and a complex scenario involving flashbacks that involve 3 periods of time.

The first period was years earlier when Alexandra Roach and Tuppence Middleton were little girls and close friends. They looked very much alike. Roach couldn't swim and Middleton could. In one childhood incident, Middleton scared her friend by pushing her under the water while supposedly teaching her how to swim, an exhibition of childhood cruelty and dominance. Another serious incident occurred when the two girls came across Middleton's rich aunt making love with Roach's father. Middleton tattled on him and the result was the man's suicide. One can understand that Roach may have harbored some deep but perhaps unrealized hatred of Middleton.

The second period is years later and not quite the present. In this period, the two girls are grown to adulthood, twentyish. They meet by accident in London. Both are very pleased to see one another again. Alexandra Roach is the quieter and plainer of the two. Middleton is a vivacious, free-wheeling, self-absorbed woman who likes the party scene of young adults of the 60s. As Middleton changes Cinderella more into her image, Roach displays a passionate and possessive love attachment to Middleton. It's unanswered physically by Middleton. Instead Middleton runs off with various men as she pleases, leaving Roach to fend for herself at parties and elsewhere.

The third period is the present, and the transition to it from period two is a fire that takes the life of one of these women. The other one survives and is having surgery. Her face is that of Middleton's character and she is told by the press agent of the rich aunt that she is Middleton. The woman has amnesia and remembers nothing except flashes of the past.

Is she or is she not Middleton? Who died in the fire? What were the circumstances of this fire? Who will get the rich aunt's inheritance, for she has passed on? What's the press agent's stake in this?

All such questions will be answered and answered clearly by the end of the movie. This is a mystery. We as viewers do get significant clues as the story plays out.

The heart of the story is the relationship between Roach and Middleton: Bosom buddies, love of two different kinds, two different motivations for their relationship, two very different kinds of women.

The screenplay gives us just enough to get some sort of a fix on their motivations. I wish it had given us more, so that we'd understand more deeply. As it stands, its plausibility is not as high as I prefer. It's a decent mystery-thriller without any police to speak of. The investigation and detective part of it is mainly via Middleton reading a diary, whereupon we enter into flashbacks.

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