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Clifton Collins Jr. as Lou Hobbs
Johnny Simmons as Benjamin Davis
Gabriel Luna as Lance Flores
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

small indie does good work

Benjamin Davis (Johnny Simmons), Lance Flores (Gabriel Luna), and Lou Hobbs (Clifton Collins Jr.) are US Border Patrol working a remote stretch of desert. They find a stash of drugs in a car but Davis turns on the others. He had been pressured by the cartel to help them smuggle the drugs.

This is a small indie with a limited production. It's able to use the desert locations to full advantage. It needs more action to amp up the tension. It runs at a nice low-boil but I kept waiting for more instances of boiling over. Clifton is great as always although the other two could improve. Their characterization needs to be sharper. This indie does some good and worthy work.

Reviewed by Tom Dooley 6 / 10

Compelling Indie Thriller from the US.

We meet three US Border Guards who are patrolling the Southern Border. They are Flores, Davis and the surly Hobbs. Davis is sort of new and a bit green around the ears etc They are doing a routine road check on a dusty stretch of New Mexico desert. The one vehicle rattles up and what it contains will set all there of them on a very different paths as to how they cope with kit.

Now to say anymore would ruin the plot. This is a film that trades on the twists to a large extent but at the same time is well rounded enough to be the sort of film you could watch again and get more from it – that is an accomplishment.

It is violent in parts and deals with some of the nastier issues to do with the Cartels and other aspects of cross border crime. At its heart though is the very human way we respond to threats and what life throws at you. The acting is all to the high end as is the cinematography which takes the arid desert and manages to make it a thing of beauty whilst managing to keep the tension ramped up. It is in English, Spanish and a touch of Mayan with a run time of 82 minutes. This is an indie film but suffers not an iota for that and is one for those who like realism with their grit and a such is one I can recommend.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

He can't call it in

This is the story of three border checkpoint guards who operate on a lonely highway in remote New Mexico, one without a wall or fence. Lou Hobbs (Clifton Collins Jr.) is the politically incorrect senior member of the three, sometimes called Mr. A--hole. Lance Flores (Gabriel Luna) speaks Spanish and is an expert tracker in the desert. He is training Benjamin Davis (Johnny Simmons) who is catching on fast. We see them at work and talking as we get character build up for 15 minutes when a car runs the check point and all hell breaks loose. The film has good characters with shifting trust and goals. Mexican undocumented/illegal (circle the term for your political leanings) immigrants are shown as either being very good people or outlaws. Michelle Rodriguez doesn't take her clothes fact she wasn't even in the film. It was basically three guys in the desert looking for...trying not to get caught.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

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