Transformers: Age of Extinction


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 52%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 275011


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Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager
Stanley Tucci as Joshua Joyce
Nicola Peltz as Tessa Yeager
John Goodman as Hound
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10

Science-Fiction-Action Evolutions

Movie Review: "Transformers: Age of Extinction" (2014)

When the Transformers movie series seems at its ultra-heights with "Dark of the Moon" (2011) witnessing a sky-jumping science-fiction-action sequence in Mid-Town Chicago lasting up to consecutive 50 minutes with a thrilling hyper-computer-generated fight scene supervised by Lucasfilm Ltd. affiliate Industrial, Light and Magic (ILM) between Optimus and double-crossing Sentinel Prime plus a classy Megatron interference to build a full triangle on south bridge, comes along "Age of Extinction" continuesly directed by Michael Bay pushing Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg as newly-introduced father-of-one inventor to become a full throttle event movie ride of an exceptional 155-Minute-Editorial additional fixed by Academy-Award-winning editor William Goldenberg, when despite brutal-rating-drops on the U.S. domestic market in Summer 2014, executive producer Steven Spielberg and director-vision-ensuring as on-set-patroling producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura have a prevailing stand-alone Transformer hit movie, especially on the ongoing home entertaining VOD market that delivers not only a throughout joy-loving supporting cast, including further-introductions, daughter-playing Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci as the scene-stealing super-entrepreneur Joshua Joyce ruling a whole facility of metal transforming alien-genes before shifts from Texas, USA to the exotic location of Shanghai, China fulfills the promise of eagerly-awaited awakenings of the dinobots in a fierce battle of clinking metals, earth-mud splashes as mechanic liquids spoiling proportions.

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Reviewed by meeshoffmanns 2 / 10

Pile of loud, overlong garbage


Mark Wahlberg: Well, it's better than the Happening. Nicola Peltz: No improvement since the Last Airbender. Kelsey Grammer: Good actor, what is he doing in this piece of garbage? T.J. Miller: being himself. Jack Reynor: Annoying, rude and a coward. He plays that well enough. Stanley Tucci: Having a blast, obviously, by far the most enjoyable character.

Cinematography: big, sweeping, much slo-mo, Michael-Bay-light.

Direction: godawful. But what do you expect at this point?

Plot: waaayyy to long and bloated. Not even the action can lift it up.

Music: what music?

Action: Big, loud, and looks pretty epic. Doesn't feel like it.

VFX: Impressive, but not realistic in the slightest.

Tone: as if you're in an aggressive whirlwind.

Reviewed by meghnasri-97601 4 / 10

One of the worst movies of 2014

Wow. Michael bay has just made another bad movie. What kind of movie is this. A movie with so much of explosions. The reason hated this movie was because the film was too long and there was bad acting and also too much of destructions and bad CGI effects. Mark wahlberg was ok in this film. But one thing it's starts from girl walking through a street and then come to a boat flying in the air which crashes into an apartment building in Hong Kong is being shot. There is racism in this movie too. Plus by the way, No one asked for a sequel. This movie has the same problems like revenge of the fallen. But the dinobots were still my favourite from the movie. This movie is awful and I don't want to see a film like this again. 4/10

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