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Rachael Taylor as Maggie Madsen
Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky
Megan Fox as Mikaela Banes
Colton Haynes as Cafe Kid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jamesgandrew 5 / 10

hasn't aged well

Transformers, whatever you may think, became a successful franchise spawning four sequels and has grossed billions of dollars. While the movies went down terribly with critics, particularly the sequels, audiences rushed to see the spectacular action despite the films having stereotypical characters and basic blockbuster storylines.

I used to think the first movie was fine, nothing groundbreaking but I did admire the action and sound design. I didn't think it was the next Star Wars or Spielberg masterpiece, just acceptable blockbuster entertainment.

I decided to watch the film for the first time in ages and while it isn't the worst, it hasn't aged well either. Many issues critics highlighted with the sequels are also present in the first, just to a lesser extent. There's stereotypes, shouty characters, inappropriate sexual innuendos and voyeurism in addition to excessive action.

On the positive side, the story is straightforward and the Transformers themselves are entertaining. The effort the CG people went into putting every detail of the transformations is astounding and the sound design is also top notch.

While it does have a comprehensible story and isn't as awful as the sequels, I can't say this is a good or underrated movie amidst an infamous franchise, even though I'd like to. I do think there was effort put into this first one and wasn't made solely to get a check, but regardless it's a dumb movie which was fun back in the naughties but not so much nowadays.

Reviewed by cinemajesty 7 / 10

Dawn Of Science-Fiction Action Superlatives

Movie Review: "Transformers" (2007) - Engaging hungry-for-more director Michael Bay to fulfill childhood dreams in a live-action version of "Transformers", producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura under executive producer Steven Spielberg unleashes first steps in fully immersive image system of plate photography, live-action character shots towards a Computer-Generated-Imagery (CGI) polishing by deluxe visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) to be overwhelming in four years later skyscraper strangling introduction of decepticon Shockwave with by now perfected cinematography created by Amri Mokri in an extended 50 minutes showdown sequence of an apocalyptic city of Chicago, Illinois' hyper-realistic science-fiction war zone.

Here at Transformers' first installment the showdown comes in at a running time marker of 35 Minutes. Nevertheless the extremely decisive choreography of metal-splintering, fire-sparking and urban concrete-dismantling Los Angeles downtown action scenes, let the spectre guess what else may want to path in the near future, where digital technology opens up opportunities to build maturing R-rated storyline in a science-fiction action scenario with hints of ancient mythology and psychological character arcs for a growing community of international audiences. Director Michael Bay at the time of producing season 2006/2007 renovated most scenes as the frequently reacquiring Highway chase scenes in following installments, always finding missing pieces of raising stakes in impossible to conceivable action scenarios at first looks.

The initiative "Transformers" of 2007 follows a fairly simplified path of teenager Sam Witwicky, portrayed with utmost comedic-pacing talent by Shia Labeouf, who clearly found his match with actress Megan Fox, who furthermore does not shy away to just be the side-kick for the main character, playing along with additional supporting character as Agent Simmons, performed with a full skill set of professionalism by actor John Turturro, who rightfully reprised his role in the successor movies, which wanted to enage more processing CGI data in order to knock the audience awestruck in metal-on-metal fighting alien robots, where it should have been the embrace of humanized combat confrontations as well as a partially received encounter between love-interest fighting actors Patrick Dempsey and Shia LeBeouf, while Optimus versus Sentinel Prime takes place on the bridges of Chicago, marking the ultimate action highlight in the series with "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" (2011).

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Reviewed by azas-78740 8 / 10

Great action movie

I remember when I first saw this movie and I absolutely loved it and thought it was best movie ever but I was 8 years old, now that I'm older I've noticed there are some problems. The plot could be better even though I like it, the humor is sometimes cringeworthy and some of the human cast (Sam's parents, John Turturro's character...) is sometimes annoying but it is still really enjoyable movie. The CGI and the action is pretty amazing, autobots and decepticons are both great and Shia LaBeouf is also good in this movie!


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