Trancers II


Action / Sci-Fi

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Helen Hunt as Lena Deth
Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Pyle
Barbara Crampton as Sadie Brady
Martine Beswick as Nurse Trotter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

disappointing sequel

Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) has lived happily with new wife Lena (Helen Hunt) in L.A. for six years after he sent Whistler back up the line without a body. Whistler's brother E.D. Wardo has gone back to old California. McNulty is given two days to go back to capture him with the help of Jack Deth. Jack's future body is too damaged and he must return in the TCL Chamber. He's been offered a seat on the council. In the present, drunken baseball pitcher Hap Ashby has cleaned up his life and made a fortune from investments. Jack, Lena, Hap, and McNulty in the body of a girl face off against Wardo and his organization Green World which is turning the insane into trancers. Then Jack's deceased wife Alice (Megan Ward) shows up after he helps her escape from Green World.

Trancers is one of my favorite sci-fi B-movies. The world is a fun mash up of sci-fi concepts. There's time-travel, time-dilation, and the zombie-like trancers. There is real charm to the lower budget B-movie. The sequel should be bigger but it's still the same level. They try to change it up by sending down Jack's dead wife. It's a wrong move. It makes Lena look bad. It's badly complicated. The rest is a retread of the first movie. This is disappointing.

Reviewed by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki 4 / 10

A good cast hasn't much to work with

Verbose, mediocre sequel picks up six years after the original film, with Jack Deth (now living happily in present day 1991, with wife, again played by Helen Hunt) pursuing more trancers sent from the future, in a most contrived fashion, by original villain's brother. This time, his wife in the future is also sent back, and when she meets with Deth's current wife in 1991, it results in on-going arguments between the three. All parties concerned have apparently forgotten that Deth and his future wife were married 300 years in the future and haven't seen each other since Deth was sent back in the first film, six years earlier. Also forgotten is the fact that Jack Deth was told she was dead.

Helen Hunt (still cute) and Megan Ward (gorgeous, although clad in khakis) have moments of humorous banter, and moments when their bickering becomes thoroughly annoying.

This film tries to be cheesy like the original, sometimes it works, but sometimes feels too forced and artificial, with too many explanatory scenes of characters explaining the plot to the audience, while looking directly into the camera.

Lengthy, painfully unfunny sequence of drunken derelict baseball in the alleyway is the nadir.

The villain's death by pitchfork might have been a good touch, had it been filmed and edited better.

Looking like a made-for-cable-TV movie, and nearly fifteen minutes longer than the original, it exemplifies the saying "Brevity is the essence of wit."

Reviewed by ersinkdotcom 8 / 10

Stands on its own and successfully continues the saga of Jack Deth

Charles Band takes the reins again on this energetic and enjoyable follow-up to his original 1984 cult film. Just don't expect the same hard-boiled noir feel as the first or you'll be disappointed.

"Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth" sees our heroic trooper (Tim Thomerson) returning again to save a Los Angeles commodities broker from zombies. Things get complicated when his wife (Megan Ward) from the future is sent back to help him. His wife in the present, Lena (Helen Hunt), is none too happy to see her. Jack is now stuck balancing two women and trying to destroy a sinister plot involving Trancers.

It's amazing that Band could bring together most of the cast from the first "Trancers" to reprise their roles. A lot can happen in seven years and Helen Hunt was about to blow up big-time on TV and the big screen. On top of that, he added impressive newcomers Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Richard Lynch, and Bond girl Martine Beswick to the mix.

"Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth" is rated R for adult situations, violence and gore, profanity, smoking and drinking, and frightening and intense scenes. If released today, the movie would be PG-13 at the most. There's some blood-splattering when the Trancers are shot, but nothing more since they then disintegrate in a flash of light. Adult situations are made up of some kissing and talk.

Sci-Fi actioner "Trancers II: The Return of Jack Deth" makes the most of a low budget through its setting in the past and minimal need for special effects. The look of the title beasties is accomplished through practical make-up and the only need for VFX comes when the monsters evaporate in a haze of laser lighting. Writers Jackson Barr and Charles Band build an engaging story through the use of a bizarre love triangle, humor, drama, and adventure. Although this sequel doesn't hold quite the same charm as the original, it stands on its own and successfully continues the saga of Jack Deth.

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